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© 2009 Wazari Wazir

© 2009 Wazari Wazir

© 2009 Wazari Wazir

© 2009 Wazari Wazir

© 2009 Wazari Wazir

© 2009 Wazari Wazir

© 2009 Wazari Wazir | Istanbul | Photograph Edited With Photoshop Tone

My Little Penguin

© Wazari Wazir | Langkawi | edited With Photoshop Tone

© 2009 Wazari Wazir | Mount Kinabalu | Photograph Edited With The TONE

© 2009 Wazari Wazir | Photograph Edit With Photoshop Tone

© 2008 Wazari Wazir | Before (L) | After (R) Edited With Photoshop TONE
© 2010 Wazari Wazir | Edited With The Secret of Photoshop Tone
© 2010 Wazari Wazir | Mesilau Kundasang | Edited With Photoshop Tone
© 2009 Wazari Wazir | Istanbul Turkey | Istiklal | Photo edited With The Photoshop TONE
© 2009 Wazari Wazir | Istanbul Turkey | Istiklal | Photo Edited With Photoshop TONE
© 2009 Wazari Wazir | Istanbul Turkey | Edited With The Tone
© 2009 Wazari Wazir | New Mosque | Istanbul Turkey | Edited With Photoshop TONE
© 2009 Wazari Wazir | Edited With Photoshop Tone
© 2010 Wazari Wazir | Photograph Edited With The Tone eBook
© 2010 Wazari Wazir | Edited With Photoshop Tone
© 2010 Wazari Wazir | Photoshop Tone | Before ( Left ) and After ( Right )
© 2010 Wazari Wazir | Original Photograph | BEFORE Editing With The Photoshop Tone
© 2010 Wazari Wazir | Photograph AFTER Editing With The Photoshop Tone
© 2009 Wazari Wazir | Before | After | The Photoshop Tone
© 2010 Wazari Wazir | Rajasthan | Photo Edited With The TONE Technique

Testimonial :

“I recently purchased your photoshop tone e-book and have to say you share some wonderful insight into processing techniques that have a subtle, yet big impact on image presentation. I can’t thank you enough for sharing your expertise and knowledge in this area of photoshop mastering.”

Jeffery K.Edwards )

“Saya mesti pilih.. I got 2 of your eBooks. Your books are easy to understand and the steps are clear and easy to follow. I would recommend your books to people that would like to learn how to learn to do the editing by themselves rather then just taking the easy way by using plug ins.”

Hafiz Itam )

“Terima kasih abang wazari..ebook tone sy dh khatam..memang sngt membantu..sy tak pernah tengok pun (tak ambil pusing) pasal channel2 tu semua..rupenya kat situ bnyk bende boleh buat..penerangan pun ringkas, terang dan jelas..mudah untuk faham..terima kasih sekali lagi..tak sabar nak tunggu ebook seterusnya..let me know if it available.”

( Ramdhan Hasan )

Playing with color tones is not a cup of coffee for everyone, some people like to keep their pictures as close as possible to natural while some other people like to experiment with it, I do believe that most people are aware that in movies especially, they  like to play with color tone, depending on the story, whether it is classic, romance, or maybe futuristic, if you have a keen eyes you will notice that most of great film play around with color tones.

Usually romantic film have warm color tone and most historical film, especially film about wars have fade or mute colors and sometime its almost monochromatic. Certain type of tones  really can enhance mood or invoke a certain kind of feelings, romantic, warmth, or maybe sentimental, that’s why some pictures look great in black and white, but my Photoshop Tone eBook is not about monochromatic or black and white, it’s about playing with colors, how to get that warm tone, almost retro like effect.

My Photoshop Tone editing is really straight forward process, you don’t need years of experience with Photoshop to be able to follow my tutorial, it was easy, just one single layer will do the job. You might be surprise yourself when you find out how easy it is to play around with the tones. I like to quote one of many comments that I receive from someone who have bought my Photoshop Tone eBook, “It’s easy once you know the secret”.

Please READ This before buying my e-Book…

  1. This e-Book is all about TONING, color tone, how to tone those image to get warm kind of feeling. A colors that can add mood to your image, something like Old School or Retro looking colors, vintage, classic.
  2. You must have some basic Photoshop editing skills, this is not for total beginner,but I cannot stop beginners from buying it, I’m just afraid that a new person with limited photoshop skills will find it a bit difficult to understand.
  3. About the editing on my e-Book, first you all must do your own basic editing like adjusting some brightness and contrast before proceed with the editing or toning. I will not show you how to do the basic editing.
  4. This e-Book will not teach you about Texture, I mean this e-Book won’t show you how to do texturing editing. This is all about toning. This e-book will not teach you about Eye Sharpening or “Catchlight Enhancement”, that will be on my next e-book, insyaAllah.
  5. About the figure that was given on my e-Book, it is just as a starting point to guide you through. Different camera manufacture or different picture file size will have an effect on your figure, so with the starting point figure that I  give to you, feel free to adjust it accordingly to your liking.
  6. There are four ways that I will share with you in my e-book about getting your pictures tone, you are free to mix and match like I always do. I mean with mix and match is this, you can do one style of editing and finish with it or you can continue editing with your edited photos with a different style. That’s how you get different tone, mix and match, be creative, I can’t teach you to be creative, I can only show you the way.
  7. My style of editing will not bring a good result for every kind of a picture, some pictures will look great and some pictures will not. So try to experiment yourself, what I can share with you is this, this kind of editing will produce good result with natural light, especially pictures taken during early morning or late afternoon where the lighting is a bit warm. It will also work great for a portraiture on an overcast day. The colors on your subject, like for an example a cloth will also effect the output of your tone.
  8. This editing is only for an enhancement, so get your pictures right in the camera, I mean you must start with a good picture to  begin with.
  9. My e-Book is written in PlainENGLISH.
  10. This e-Book is 27 pages only in PDF format.
  11. My e-Book file size will be 8.7 MB, so it will take times to upload and download.
  12. If you need more information just Flickr Mail me or eMail me at wwalchemist@yahoo.com

My e-Book will be priced at Ringgit Malaysia RM50.00or USD20 only. It will be in PDF format.


  1. You can pay through Malaysian Maybank, Maybank2u
  2. Maybank Account : 1 1 4 1 6 0 0 2 3 7 3 4 Mohd Wazari Bin Wazir.
  3. You can also pay with PAYPAL
  4. After you have made the payment please alert me with SMS through my Hp No: – +(6) 012  2 8 1 2 7 5 3
  5. Please also email me with your detail transaction about your payment. My email wazariwazir@yahoo.comor you can Flickr Mail me.
  6. Since I’m not available all the time online, I will try my very best to send you the files in PDF format within 24 hours of payment.
  7. If you have any doubt, feel free to ask, here on my Blog…

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affendi - Please lah inform aku bila kau dah mula jual…

Kamals Mohd Ali - booking 1 bro…wanna know the price soonest.

mrizal - great & thanks for sharing

shaffarullah - :-)… tak sabar-sabar peminat wazari nampaknya nak beli o.

Mr Wan - bila agaknya ada dalam pasaran ni…??

cikjenah - KITE NAK … CONFIRM .. !

明用一凡  - let mi know when there is officially launch your eBook. Gotta get 1 copy for myself… thanks !

shairul - salam..abg macam biasa..mau gak.nanti bg info k…thanks for sharing

fittifit - en.wazari
how to pay?

pandahaccer - bleh bayo pkai kredit card or paypal x bro???

diwantpixel - wow bro! long time no see… masih ingat aku lg tak? aku dulu visitor wajib kt fotopages ko dulu2… fotopage aku diwant.fotopages.com. kalau igt alhamdulillah, kalo x igt igt kan balik, hehe..

anyway, e book pasai color tone ni mmg dah lama aku dok carik, akhirnya ko jgk yg produce…. aku nk beli nnt insyaAllah..

musz - must have nie…

dian nais - salam. Tahniah ke atas penghasilan ebook yang saya kira lebih dekat kepada mood dengan keperluan saya. Banyak perancangan yang saya cuba buat untuk masuk bengkel tuan tapi memandangkan kurangnya kesempatan, hasrat itu masih ditangguhkan.

Justeru, dengan adanya ebook daripada encik Wazari ini, sedikit sebanyak boleh lah saya belajar sedikit sebanyak akan teknik post-processing ini.

Insya Allah..

wazariwazir - Terima kasih kepada semua sahabat yang sudi memberi sokongan kepada saya selama ini sehingga terhasilnya e-Book saya ini, kepada yang membelinya, terima kasih sekali lagi saya ucapkan semoga terus berkarya dan semoga bertambah kreatif dalam menghasilkan karya saudara dan saudari…

mzaidi.com - salam…. Tahniah atas satu lagi kejayaan semoga terus berjaya

nc creativo - salam mr wazari.
dah ready ke pdf ni..
wanna buy 🙂

wazariwazir - Dah ready, up for sale… 🙂

明用一凡  - Great, im gonna do it shortly..

amalina - bro, nak beli. mcm mane ? mcm best je buku ni, bleh blaja

wazariwazir - Amalina, just bank in to my wife account, lepas tu, bagi email kat saya, saya emailkan PDF file tu… 🙂

shaffarullah - wah… hebat sambutan nampak! happy for you!

wazariwazir - Thank you for your support my friends…

subhi karim - congratulations on your debut e-book! good job my fren..

HAZELNUT - salam..wazari..aku beli takyah bank in la ekk..bila kita nk gi starbuck..hehehe..

42g - Wah….2W, semakin masyuk bro…. ok,jer… hi gime bro… the skill too. bro I pay u in cash (after u back frm (Istanbul), bawa ole-ole bro…. sooner I drop to yr ofc, lamax jumpakwn2x lama, AJ da balik sabah, TWM dok sibok jer….. u lak asyik bejalan jer

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Mama WanZ - Salam…
Akhirnya berjaya dimiliki dan dah buat testimoni pun. Amat mudah dan original!
Jom tengok review (by Che Mokz) di http://blog.seripakis.com

Faizal Sharif - Salam. Tahniah my friend kerana berjaya menghasilkan…karya toning…yang jarang orang kita berbuat demikian..semuga kamu terus sukses dan menghasilkan beberapa lagi karya..bukan hanya ebook malah dapat di publishkan dimedia cetak atau dibukukan…TAHNIAH..

wazariwazir - Terima kasih untuk sahabat semua yang telah memberi sokongan kepada saya, you give me the strength to continue my passion…

sedi78 - bro ade niat nak beli ni.. nanti kalau dah transfer saya email atau sms ur no

ubikaya - Salam bro,

Terima kasih sebab sudi berkongsi ilmu dalam bentuk e-book macam ni. Harap bro boleh continue menulis. Dgn cara ni sajalah org seperti saya yg tak berpeluang nak hadiri kelas2 dapat mencedok sedikit ilmu bro.

Kepada rakan2 lain jgnlah hesitate utk beli e-book ni. Sebab buku ni boleh create ‘spark’ pada kreativiti anda…


wazariwazir - Salam,

Terima kasih sahabat kerana sudi menyokong saya, insyaAllah akalu ada kelapangan lagi saya akan terus menghasilkan eBook, saya harap you boleh berexperiment sendiri setelah mendapat sedikit panduan dari eBook saya tu, sebenarnya terlalu banyak kombinasi yang boleh dilakukan, semuanya terpulang pada kita.

Starting pointnya telah ada di tangan, gunakan sebagai panduan, bila kita telah agak mahir dengannya, bebaskanlah diri kita untuk berkarya sendiri, break the rules, art is self expression, express yourself freely, don’t be afraid to be different, after all, its your artwork and your personality supposed to be not the same as everybody else. Thanks for your support again…

admin - Thank you very much my friends for your support and comments, I really appreciate that.

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mzaidi.com - TAHNIAH….

admin - Thank you very much my friends, thank you for your support, thanks for the inspiration that really kept me going…

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dnoz - salam bro…brminat nak dpt kan e-book tone tu, mlm nnti nak bank in

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ahmad zafferi - sgt bminat nk dptkan ebook nie. insya allah kejap lg bank in.
terima kasih yg xterhgga kerna sudi bkongsi ilmu.

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Yeirkif 叶尔科 - salam
saya berminat nak beli ebook
nnti sy email or call

admin - Yeirkif, Salam, terima kasih, you’re welcome…

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fairuzyusoff - sangat menarik!thanks for sharing~~!

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Aiman Farhan - still available???
sy nk beli mcm ner??

admin - Aiman Farhan, masih ada lagi, just follow jer, langkah2 di atas 🙂

dinbrasco - saya nak satu copy!!…nanti saya bank-in kan bayaranya hari ini!

MuS - salam..sye dh wt payment..sedang menunggu balas tuan empunya ebook~

ifolia - saya berminat dan akan byr arini.tp boleh saya tahu
brape muka surat yea buku ini?

hafis shahril - ada stok lagi ker bang? saya berminat

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zulfadly - salam..ade lgi ke stock untuk buku ni…kalo ade,inform kat saya.mahu beli.

admin - Zulfadly, My eBook masih ada lagi, terima kasih kerana berminat…

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anwar - ade lagi tak?

anwar - saya dah bayar…tengah tunggu…

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hafiz - buku masih ada lagi x?

Wazari Wazir - @Hafiz, terima kasih kerana bertanya, eBook Tone masih ada lagi… 🙂

hafiz - sy dah membuat pembayaran beberapa hari yang lalu.. 🙂

Wazari Wazir - @Hafiz, terima kasih sahabat, eBook telahpun selamat saya emailkan…

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yusouf - Salam…. saya amat berminat untuk mempelajari ilmu2 sebegini. namun ada tak e-book untuk yang beginner..

Wazari Wazir - @Yusouf, terima kasih kerana berminat, eBook Photoshop Tone ni memang sesuai untuk beginner, anda tidak perlukan pengalaman yng la dalam Photoshop untuk menggunakannya, panduan ataupun tutorial di dalamnya mudah di fahami, straight forward, lagi satu cara saya mendapatkan Tobe tidak menggunakan banyak layer, hanya satu layer sudah memadai dan dengan satu layer segala proses menjadi mudah…

yusouf - Tq En Wazir.. adakah e-book tue masih ada lagi… kalau ada InsyaAllah saya leh bank in duit mggu depan.

firdaus - salam, encik wazir, ada lagikah ebook ni?
berminat untuk dapatkan..

Wazari Wazir - @ Firdaus, terima kasih kerana berminat, eBook masih ada lagi…

ibraim - en wazir,tone yg en nye blog ckp nice n lawa..still ade x ebook x coz sye nk blja abt tone:)

Wazari Wazir - @Ibraim, Terima kasih kerana berminat, eBook Tone masih ada lagi dan masih hangat di pasaran, terima kasih kerana berminat.

Nony - Bro..kalo lahhh contohnya kiter dah ble kira tau amende photoshop ni n cara nak guna tapi xtau cara nak bagi punch kat toning,,kalau beli ebook ni ble gerenti dapat tangkap cara n skill ker??..atau ebook ni juzz bagtau direct jerr cara nak buat tone yg tu yg ni…

Wazari Wazir - @Nony, eBook Photoshop Tone saya ni adalah teknik yang saya gunakan untuk mendapatkan Tone yang biasa saya gunakan pada gambar-gambar saya, insyaAllah akalu kita follow betul2 memang dapat tone yang seperti contoh gambar saya tu tetapi semua tu bergantung pada banyak faktor, pada gambar asal tu sendiri, keadaan lighting pada gambar tu sendiri serta subjek gambar tu sendiri, kesemuanya mempengaruhi tone samada nampak menarik ataupun tidak dan bukan semua gambar sesuai untuk ditonekan…

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Hzwan hammad - nk tny ckt..kalu beli ebook ni kn..y photoshop 2 guna adope photoshop pe??kn skrg ni cm byk je jns photoshop..

Wazari Wazir - @Hzwan Saya menggunakan Photoshop CS3 untuk tutorial dalam eBook saya. Kalau kita ada perisian Photoshop Cs2 dan Cs4 atau Cs5, masih lagi boleh digunakan cuma sedikit berbeza dari segi “Interface”.

pirut - sia mau booking satu ni tau.. nanti sia transfer.. 🙂

Aminuddin - bang…ada lagi tak ebook tone ni..saya berminat la…

Wazari Wazir - @ Aminuddin, masih ada lagi… 🙂

shah - salam,saya sudah buat pembyaran dan sms details pembyran,,sedang menunggu tindak balas email 🙂

zicoblink - untuk pembelian di negara tetangga bagaimana caranya?? {indonesia}

Wazari Wazir - @Zicoblink, Terima kasih kerana berminat sebenarnya eBook saya bukan sahaja untuk pasaran di Malaysia, tetapi di mana sahaja, untuk memudahkan sahabat dari luar Negara memiliknya boleh membuat pembayaran melaui akaun Paypal, ramai rakan-rakan dari luar Malaysia yng membuat pembayaran melaui akaun PAYPAL…

syawal - salam bro . .
boleh saya tahu rm50tuh skali ngan harga posting ke?
ke ade cas tambahan ?

Wazari Wazir - Syawal, salam terima kasih kerana berminat, eBook saya bukan Buku Fizikal seperti mana yang ada di kedai buku sebaliknya eBook ialah “Electronic Book” dalam bentuk PDF file. Saya akan emailkan eBook tersebut kepada yang membeli, walaupun tutorialynya dalam Bahasa Inggeris namun mudah untuk difahami berdasarkan Gambar serta contoh yang diberi.

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muhdazri - salam..macam mna nk detail transaction after bank in payment?

Wazari Wazir - @Muhdazri, terima kasih kerana berminat dengan eBook saya, saudara boleh memilih untuk maklumkan pada saya mengenai butiran pembayaran tersebut melaui email dengan menyatakan tarikh serta masa transaksi itu dibuat ataupun SMS kan sahaja pada saya butiran transaksi tersebut, sekali lagi terima kasih kerana berminat…

ajak - Sy sudah mbuat pmbayaran pd 22.12.2010.Bayran RM60.Butiran sprt dlm email.tq

ajak - sy suda trima ebook 2..sdg mbaca..:)..kalu boleh nti wat ebook tutorial basic photografy @ brkaitan mncantikan gambar baby mgunakn photoshop..@ apa2 yg d fikirkn perlu…;)

ajak - salam..sy suda wat pmbayaran utk ebook photoshop texture secret.
Butiran sprt dlm email..tq

EB - Assalammualaikum,
Bang nak tanya eBook ni masih ada lagi x?

Wazari Wazir - @EB, waalaikumsalam, eBook Photoshop Tone masih ada lagi seperti biasa, terima kasih kerana berminat…

EB - Ok bang.. Nnti sya inform lau sya ada bt pmbelian dan pmbayaran k..

codain - abang. dah buat payment last night. ill text u in the morning tomorrow. email sent. thanks

Wazari Wazir - @Codain, Terima kasih sahabat, saya dah emailkan eBook tersebut, harap dapat maklumkan pada saya bila dah terima, thanks for your support…

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amirul phillip - salam….saya dh transfer duit RM50 ke akaun isteri tuan…saya ada sms tuan. email saya: icanberich@yahoo.com

tq! 🙂

Wazari Wazir - @Amirul, terima kasih sahabat, already email the eBook, have fun and thanks again…

mejar - Salam bang…ade lg x ebook nie…cmne nk kontek abg nie…senang sket nk berurusan…

Wazari Wazir - @Mejar, salam terima kasih kerana berminat, saya ada tulis no Phoe saya kat atas tu, boleh sms saya kalau ada pertanyaan dan eBook Photoshop Tone masih ada lagi, this is my number 012 2812753

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hanisahramli - salam. saya dah buat payment sebanyak rm50 ke akaun isteri tuan. detailnya saya dah emailkan. terima kasih. 🙂

Wazari Wazir - @Hanisahramli, terima kasih, boeh sayadapatkan alamt email sahabat, saya nak emailkan buku tu, yang saya terima cuma notification dari Maybank, jadi tiada alamat email sahabat, tak dapat nak emailkan, boleh emailkan pada saya alamat email sahabat, di sini pun boleh, senang lagi kalau maklumkan di email saya wazariwazir@yahoo.com

hanisahramli - oh, maaf saya lupa. ini email saya. sri_nisa88@yahoo.com.my

terima kasih. 🙂

Syafiq A. Ghani - salam. E book ni boleh beli tak lagi? kalau boleh beli lagi, saya nak beli satu

Wazari Wazir - @Syafiq, salam, terima kasih kerana berminat, eBook Photoshop Tone masih boleh di beli lagi…

Syafiq A. Ghani - Salam enc Wazari. Saya dan bank in dan butiran transaksi dah saya emailkan pada email encik wazari 🙂

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amirul shaifullah - salam tuan,sy berada di australia..macam mana nak beli e book tuan?dan juga berapa harga nya?tolong balas di email sy ye.terima kasih tuan

amirul shaifullah - salam tuan,pembayaran dah dibuat melalui paypal..tolong tengok email tuan..terima kasih

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afzal aka pakbear - salam tuan, saya juga telah membuat pembayaran. saya menunggu buah tangan istimewa tuan. tq 🙂

Wazari Wazir - @Afzal, terima kasih sahabat, saya dah emailkan eBook tersebut 🙂

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chekgu amer - assalamualaikum bang….saya nak beli ebook ni….still available or not ya?

Wazari Wazir - @ Terima kasih Chekgu Amer, alhamdulillah urus niaga kita dah selesai, kepada yang bertanya, eBook Photoshop Tone saya masih ada lagi… 🙂

c.no phunkypic - Bro, baru terperasan dgn ebook nih.dalam proses nak membeli. InshaAllah

Wazari Wazir - http://phunkypic.fotopages.com/ Terima kasih sahabat 🙂

Farhan - As-Salam,saya da buat bayaran sebentar tadi.tinggal tunggu hasilnya sahaja…terima kasih..

iPhoneography | Silhouette | Sunset at Kota Kinabalu Sabah » - […] I was in Kota Kota Kinabalu Sabah to conduct a Photography and Photoshop Workshops together with Spylens Studio on May 14 and 15. The middle photograph above which I do the editing in Photoshop were using one of my technique that can be found on my Photoshop Tone eBook […]

Photoshop Killer Tips | How To Get Muted Color Tone In Adobe Camera RAW » - […] I know that there are many ways to get this effect but I found out this is among the simplest way to get this kind of tone. I would like to let you know also that this is not a finished product, normally this is just a starting point for me before I go deeper with my editing in Photoshop. Sometimes I will add grain or texture to finish this picture or simply make few adjustment to really get the tone that I want and normally I will finished this editing with one of the technique that can be found on my Photoshop Tone eBook […]

Nizam Hj Hashim - Finally after quite sometimes, akhirnya dpt gak ebook tone ni… Alhamdulillah

adi azli suhaimi - saya telah buat pembayaran utk ebook…harap maklum balas dari pihak tuan..

Wazari Wazir - @Terima kasih Adi, eBook telahpun di emailkan 🙂

azli - Salam bro wazari,

saya sudah buat pembayaran untuk ebook ini hari ini.

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Photography and Photoshop Editing | Color Tones » - […] those of you who have already bought  The Secret of Photoshop Tone eBook , I hope you really understand this situation, someone says why he or she can’t get the tone […]

The young » Blog Archive » The joy of childhood | independence square | dataran merdeka | kuala lumpur - […] About the color tone, you might wanted to check my Photoshop Tone eBook HERE   No […]

rasul - salam..bang saya dari unikl miat…ade soalan sikit ^^..setiap ebook lain-lain account bank ye?

Wazari Wazir - @Rasul, boleh buat bayaran di satu akaun sahaja takpe, akaun saya 🙂

zahirul - ade lg x ebook ni?

zahirul - nati esok saya bank in kn..tq..

Sea Gypsies | Life in Black and White » - […] Tweet news and informationbusiness,health,entertainment,technology automotive,business,crime,health,life,politics,science,technology,travel […]

Travel Photography | India | New Delhi | Kashmir | Agra | Part II » - […] Tweet news and informationbusiness,health,entertainment,technology automotive,business,crime,health,life,politics,science,technology,travel […]

Charles - dear
Wazari Wazir

apakah masih bisa beli ebooknya
terima kasih

Wazari Wazir - eBook masih lagi boleh dibeli seperti biasa… 🙂

Family Days Out | Dinosaurs Live! | National Science Centre | Kuala Lumpur » - […] Tweet news and informationbusiness,health,entertainment,technology automotive,business,crime,health,life,politics,science,technology,travel […]

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Photoshop Tips | How To Create Custom Borders and Frames in Photoshop » - […] Tweet news and informationbusiness,health,entertainment,technology automotive,business,crime,health,life,politics,science,technology,travel […]

Photography and Photoshop Editing | Playing With Color Tones » - […] Tweet news and informationbusiness,health,entertainment,technology automotive,business,crime,health,life,politics,science,technology,travel […]

Photography and Photo Editing » - […] Tweet news and informationbusiness,health,entertainment,technology automotive,business,crime,health,life,politics,science,technology,travel […]

Md Fadzli - Salam… Sy berminat utk dptkn 3 e book ni (tone , texture & MOC)…. Berapa harga utk ketiga2 tu sekaligus ??? no. sy 013-4212196… terima kasih

Wazari Wazir - @Md Fadzli, terima kasih, eBook semua telah di hantar, have fun… 🙂

anum - En. Wazari Wazir,
Saya telah buat pembayaran untuk 2 ebooks- Master of Color dan Photoshop The Tone. Bukti pembayaran telah saya email ke yahoo mail en. Wazari. Thanks.

zamir - salam. saya tau agak terlambat jumpa page ni. saya berminat dengan toning ebook ni. kalau2 ada lagi boleh la tolong email saya 😀

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