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Rough Edge

© 2010 Wazari Wazir | Portrait | Senior Photography

I don’t want to talk about the picture here but I want to write about the editing, this is a combination of LAB Color editing plus The Photoshop Tone Editing that can be learned through my Photoshop Tone eBook. When it comes to boosting colors, I like to experiment with LAB color, sometimes it work and sometimes it doesn’t work. In this case I think it work perfectly in order to bring out the colors of the leather jacket and the yellow rough metal there, but I did Mask her face because LAB color doesn’t work well with her face.

If you are not familiar with LAB color, there is only two Channels, Channel A and Channel B, please don’t ask me what is Channel A and what is Channel B, just leave it o the Adobe expert, I haven’t studied it yet but all I knew is by boosting the contrast in Channel A and Channel B, you will get some beautiful colors that “Saturation” can’t do, I mean it is not the same like when you boost the Saturation of the picture compared to enhance the Contrast of Channel A and Channel B, if “Saturation” can do the job then why bother for me to use LAB color.

You’ve got the tips already, just change your picture Mode to LAB Color and then push the contrast of the Channel A and Channel B and you are done but don’t forget to switch it back to RGB for further editing. To finish this editing, I apply some color Tone into it, that’s where my technique from The Photoshop Tone eBook comes into play, that’s where I get this kind of tone.

My point is here, a lot of people who have bought my eBook asked me, “how many tones are there in my Photoshop Tone eBook”? It is hard to answer because it depend on your creativity. My Photoshop Tone eBook is just a starting point, it shows you where to start getting the Tone, how to get or how to use channels to get the tone and about how many Tone are there, it depend on your creativity, how you blend it and how you mix and match the tone with your own kind of editing. Like this picture, I combine the tone with LAB color, you may asked why I did not put this tutorial in my eBook? Very simple, my eBook is about color Tone but LAB color is about boosting the color, the contrast of the picture.

Tone is not about boosting the color, it is just the tone, hopefully people will understand this, I have nothing to hide with my technique, you need to be creative, to mix and match the technique that you have learned from my eBook and combine it with the technique that you have already know, you can combine it with Dave Hill style, you can combine it Photomatix, you can combine it with Texture, it is up to you and to be different, you need to do something different. You should add your own signature editing into it, that’ the only way to make your picture stand out from the crowd.

No matter how many people use the same color tone but with little extra creativity, you will have your own Tone, you will have your own Signature  Style of Editing. I believe those who bought My eBook doesn’t want their tone to be just like me, they want to be different, so make few adjustment, add something different there and you will be different even though you learn or start from the same source but you choose a different path. My point is be creative and be different.

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