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Why I like playing with the Photoshop Tones? Very simple to answer that, it is human nature to be different, it is what set we apart, it is what make us unique as a human being by being different than anybody else. Have you take a walk in the big city lately, how many people that you notice walking on the street wearing the same color or same pattern T-shirt? maybe there are but it is very rare to see people wearing the same clothes. People like to be different and people like to differentiate themselves.

Same goes to photography and if you are one of those people running a photography related business, your different is your biggest selling point not your price, if your artwork is same like everyone else than why people should choose you, they can choose other person for much lower pay but if you have something different or unique to offer, believe me, people will pay you no matter how expensive your package is, simply because you are different. People want something that not everyone can have, that’s why people bought an expensive car like Ferrari even though there are many cheaper alternative. People still can go from point A to point B with cheaper car but why choose the expensive one?

Lately there is a heavy discussion about the price of Photography Package, some people that run a photography business begins to feels the heat when newbie or people who just getting started doing photography business charge lower price than themselves. They have a hard time to get a new customers simply because people goes to the cheaper alternative. Personally for me it is not fair to ask newbie to put a standard price same like those who have running a business for more than five or ten years old and for me, why afraid and if you are afraid of the competition, I think the problem is your marketing, blaming other person for your lack of success in business is not a very good practice, it shows that you have no confidence in yourself.

Back to the tone above, it is because I want to be different, I don’t want my picture to look like anybody else, I want to have my own trademark, maybe some people doesn’t like it, it is not my problem, we have different taste and maybe my tone is not your taste and we should learn to appreciate each other taste not to hate other people artwork simply because it is not our taste.

About the tone in the picture above, the technique how to get it can be found in my eBook titled The Secret of Photoshop Tone . Some people asked me, how many tones are there in my eBook. I would like to make it clear here that my eBook is about technique, how to get started to play with the tone, there are four ways in my eBook that shows you how to get the tones. It is a tutorial, step by step how you can get the tones and it is up to you to customize it and believe me, the number of the tones that you can have is up to you, depending on your creativity using the technique in my eBook.

I use a lot of combination from each Tone, meaning that there is a lot of mix and match, like the picture above, I did use texture for the finishing image but the texture is kept to a bare minimum, it is barely visible, you can hardly see the texture and once again I did not teach about how to use texture in my Photoshop Tone eBook. I can’t teach you creativity, in my eBook I can only teach or show you the way, where to start and from that point it is up to you and your creativity to explore it further.

Use your own creativity to be different, there are millions of photographers in this world and only those with a difference will stand out from the crowd. As a photographer we want to show and share our picture to the world and there is no better way to do that than by being different.

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