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Some of the most powerful photographs tell – or imply – a story. Of course, not all of them do, but the ones that do seem to engage us in ways others don’t. Capturing a sense of story in our photographs isn’t easy, but it’s a good way to make our photographs stronger. 

Oded Wagenstein is a young Israeli photographer with a surprising number of publishing credits to his name already, and is a regular inNational Geographic Traveler (the Israeli edition). The Visual Storyteller is his first eBook with Craft & Vision and it’s an excellent introduction to incorporating story into our photographs.CRAFT and VISION

First, do not misunderstood, this eBook is not about travel photography, it is about how you can tell a story through a photograph and tell it beautifully.

Writers are great storyteller with their pen or keyboard and as a photographer, what set us apart is on how we can tell a story with our photograph, after all we are “The Visual Storyteller.”

Oded Wagenstein has been traveling all over the world with just a decent camera and bring back a great photograph, not just a beautiful photograph but a photograph with a story to tell, a photograph that can stand on its own without too much  explanation.

 If you think your photograph lack context, feel empty without too much story to shout about even though it is beautiful but have no soul, then you might wanted to check out this eBook by Oded Wagenstein and if you like travel photography especilly photographing strangers on the streets, on how to make a connection with a strangers, then you will find a great help from this eBook.
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