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Shoot Everything But Share The Best”

– Al Smith –

Your camera phone is always with you, and whether you’re an amateur or vocational photographer, it only makes sense to know how to use it to your advantage. eyePhone: Making Stronger Photographs with your Camera Phone is a stunning 45-page PDF eBook, full of inspired insights, invaluable tips, creative considerations, and must-have resources to help you take your photography, and creative life, to the next level.

Whether you shoot and process hundred of images each month or you just take the casual snapshot, you’ll discover exciting ideas and concepts that are sure to turn your camera phone image gallery into a portfolio you’re proud of. This is a game-changer for photographers. It’s photography that fits in your pocket and the avid photographer will benefit from knowing how to wield its potential. | Craft And Vision

Chase Jarvis once said that “The best camera is the one that’s with you.” and in fact he also has made a small book about iPhoneography. I believe that most people doesn’t take it seriously about the camera that they have always carry in their pockets. Yes camera phone  is not as good as your Digital SLR but nevertheless don’t ever underestimate its usefulness and did you know, some of the pictures taken with iPhone manage to make it into the front page of international newspaper. Among the biggest news picture captured through iPhone is the photo of Hudson River U.S. Airways flight 1549 plane crash On January 15, 2009.

I know some of you might be thinking who need a guidebook on how to use an iPhone or any camera phone but believe me, you will learn few things about your camera phone that you might never known about and once you know about it, you will realized how powerful your little camera are.

This eye phone ebook will focus more on iPhone than any camera phone, simply because it is more popular than any other camera phone on the market when it comes to photography. Yes the camera phone have its limitation, but with limitation comes creativity, and it is no surprise that nowadays you can find a lot of iPhoneography exhibition held here and there.

This eye phone ebook will show you how to make the best from your camera phone and among the most interesting about iPhone is that, there are thousand of apps to choose from and you don’t need a Photoshop to edit your picture, you can process the picture inside your camera and straight away share it with your friends, be it on twitter or Facebook. Among the most popular apps for iPhone and Android is the Instagram, with this eBook you will learn about other apps as well because there are thousand of apps to choose from and only few of them are really good.

I use iPhone extensively during traveling, the reason is that I want to share my pictures immediately with my family and friends, I didn’t carry a notebook with me when traveling, so my iPhone is a perfect companion for me to get connected with my family. During traveling for a security reason, sometimes I don’t take out my camera from my small backpack, instead if I wanted to photograph something that attract my eyes I just use my iPhone. Sometimes it is just a small thing, that I know beforehand that I will never use or print that picture in bigger size or just wanted to share it for my blog.

Eyephone picture will do just that, sometimes it is just a visual information that I need to record, like the fees to hire a Shikara at Dal Lake Kashmir or any information that I need to share with my friends that I know doesn’t worth taking with a normal DSLR but nevertheless I try to compose it as good as I can so it will look pleasant to the eye.

I did buy few iPhoneography books myself few days after I got my iPhone, I want to learn as much as I can about my little camera and never regret buying it, to those of you who wanted to take your iPhoneography or eyePhoneography to the next level, I highly recommended this eBook to you. Hopefully it will open up your mind about the little camera that you always carry with you.

Get the eBook here at Craft And Vision

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