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Photograph | A Printed Memory

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DSLR or Digital camera are common these days, people get instant satisfaction just by looking at the LCD at the back o the camera and just happy enough to look it at the computer screen, playing slide show and with some music we can enjoy our picture with the whole family, but the problem is we rarely get our pictures printed these days. For those of you who make business, they just make print or album for their client, but my point here is not about business but about personal photograph.

I’ve a lot friends who take photography as a hobby and when I ask them, have they print any of their holiday picture lately, they just said “not yet”, “maybe later”. People nowadays are much more comfortable sharing their pictures on the internet, personal blogs, flickr or just sharing them in Facebook. So most people doesn’t feel the need to print their pictures, why bother, we can see it on the internet, wherever we are and hard disk are very cheap nowadays, just keep it there.

What most people doesn’t realize is that, hard disk are fragile, they WILL CRASH, definitely they will crash someday, no matter how good they are, do you rely on your hard disk in the next fifty years? I don’t, that’s why we need to print some of our pictures, print only the best of your pictures. The feeling of you holding a printed memory is priceless, suddenly all the memory are in your hand, you don’t need to worry so much about the picture in your hard disk, you have the picture already in your hand, in the album.

Worst come to worst, if your hard disk crash, you can always scan back your printed picture and put them back on the web even though you will loose some quality or details but the most important thing is that, you still have the pictures to cherished for. I just print most of my pictures in 4R size, only few will be printed large. When traveling, usually I will take some of my family pictures with me, it is great conversation starter with a stranger.

I know that you can always share your picture with a strangers with iPhone camera or any electronic devise that can display picture but for me, sharing a printed picture is a humble way to show your picture to a stranger especially if you visit a country or remote area where, the technology is not so advance, and if they ask whether they can keep some of the picture with them, we don’t have to think twice, just give it to them and print another one back home, but I don’t think you will give them your iPhone.

One more thing that I like a printed picture is that, they have more sentimental value in the future compared to digital files, just imagine holding a piece of a printed picture that are thirty or fifty years old, how does it feels, your picture will look old, vintage, classic, will loose some of it’s colors but the memory still intact. The colors may fade away but you can recall the moment you took the photograph vividly. That’s the power of a Printed Memory.

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