Travel Photography | Istanbul Turkey | Blue Mosque

Istanbul | Turkey | Blue Mosque

© 2009 Wazari Wazir | Istanbul | Inside Blue Mosque

I know what was your thinking or looking, the girl face is blur, yes I admit it but my focus was not on her face but the architecture behind or the  huge dome above, I want to get that detail but because my camera can’t perform beautifully under high ISO, I have to use large aperture to et this shot. I use ISO800 and aperture F3.5, 1/30  at 18mm to get this shot, I wish I have UWA or Ultra Wide Angle Lens with me like 10-20mm for an example but I don’t have it.

There was a time that we must make do with whatever we have to get the photograph, this lady in front of me is a security guard in the mosque, tourist are not allowed to enter at the center of the mosque right below the dome because it was reserved for people to perform his or her prayer. Only Muslim can enter that center place. So this lady stand there to make sure that tourist does not cross the line, I took this shot from low angle, in fact I can hardly see what’s in focus because I put my camera lying on the floor while pointing the lens upward, so I have to make few shots just to get it right.

Looking back at this picture we know why sometimes the right equipment can make or break the photograph, if I have a camera that can perform very well even at higher ISO, definitely I will get better shot in term of sharpness, as you can see there is a lot of grain on the picture but then again, nothing much I can do about that, but one thing for sure is, I have a very solid reason to come back again with the right equipment to photograph this Blue Mosque again and show its true Masterpiece as it should be.


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