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Istanbul | Turkey | Romantic City

© 2009 Wazari Wazir | Istanbul Turkey

This is not my latest picture, I’m still here in Malaysia, I just want to share with you a picture that I took in Istanbul November last year when I’ve an assignment there to cover COMCEC ECONOMIC SUMMIT 2009 in Istanbul Turkey. Due to my busy working schedule I have not been able to share all of my Istanbul picture here on my blog, but if you have visited my flickr, you should be able to recognize this picture.

When my Boss asked me whether I can go to Istanbul for this assignment, I immediately grab the offer, simply because Istanbul is a dream city, a dream destination, who could resist. My job is to cover our Deputy Prime Minister activity there at the Summit. Only two photographers from Malaysia covering this Summit, me and the other one is from BERNAMA, Malaysia National News Agency and few reporters from local newspapers.

We arrive a day earlier before the arrival of our Deputy Prime Minister so I try to use the free times that I have to explore a little bit of Istanbul, actually just tiny part of Istanbul especially here at Sultanahmet  area where major historical site are located, among other is Blue Mosque like the picture above and Museum Aya Sofya or Hagia Sofya which is located just the opposite of Blue Mosque.

I really love the lighting in this area, warmth and when combine with my Photoshop Tone technique, I get this color, which really enhance the mood here. This picture is not part of my assignment so I can play around with the editing for pleasure.

I really hope that someday I will have the opportunity to visit this lovely city once again and hopefully I have all the times in my hand to explore it deeper, without worried so much to rush for the next assignment. From Malaysia by Malaysia Airlines or MAS, it is a direct non stop 11 hours journey from Kuala Lumpur International Airport to Istanbul, it is a long haul journey but worth the journey.

I took the shot above with long telephoto lens 70-200mm to make the Blue Mosque appear closer to the subject. It was quite far actually but not too far, if I use wide angle lens for this shot, the picture will not have much impact because the mosque will look small in the picture. As a photographer we must think fast and act fast, those two people in love in the picture above will not wait for you to change your lens to get the shot that you want, we as a photographer must react quickly, must anticipate and from what I can see by spending few minutes here is that, a lot of couples walking in this area and immediately I change my lens from wide angle to telephoto lens to get that “Romantic Shot”.

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