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Mount Kinabalu | High Expectation

© 2010 Wazari Wazir | Mesilau Sabah | Mount Kinabalu

Little Boy | Big Mountain

© 2010 Wazari Wazir | Mesilau Sabah | Mount Kinabalu

I still can remember quite clearly the very first time I came to Sabah in May 2002 and straight away I fall in love with this place. I like the hospitality of the peoples here. I like the weather and most importantly I like the Mountain, I mean I like Mount Kinabalu but on my first visit here I don’t have the opportunity to see Mount Kinabalu because I was on assignment and don’t have much time to wandering around, but deep in my heart, I said it to myself that if I ever came here again, I will climb Mount Kinabalu and I did it in 2003-2004, I mean I climb Mount Kinabalu on 31st December 2003 and Summit it on 1st January 2004. Two years in the mountain.

Altogether I’ve climb Mount Kinabalu three times already and I’m planning to climb it again and hopefully with my son HaiQal. The picture above was taken at Mesilau Golf and not far away from where we stay during our holiday in Kiram Village at Mesilau at the foot of Mount Kinabalu. The view was fantastic, the mountain was gigantic and while I was busy taking picture of my son here, I can’t help it but longing to be on top of Mount Kinabalu once again, the cold of the mountain in the early morning still can be felt. The view was fantastic up there and also looking great from down here.

I know that not many “Urban Child” are exposed to this kind of environment, I’ve a friend once that doesn’t like wilderness, doesn’t like to be in the heart of the jungle and let alone climbing a mountain. I don’t want my son to be like them, I want my son to love the environment, to love the wilderness, to love the mountain, I want my son to be tough, actually for me, climbing a  mountain is not so much depend on our strength or physical ability but more on our mental strength, even blind person like Erik Weihenmayer have climb Mount Everest.

My son is just two years old at this moment and maybe he doesn’t know much about mountain, doesn’t know why people climb mountain, maybe my son doesn’t like it but the most important thing is to exposed him to this kind of environment, let them feel the mountain, let them play around the mountain and hopefully someday my son will love the challenge to climb a mountain.

I love reading book about mountain, among other is A Life on The Edge by Jim Whittaker written by the first American to climb Mount Everest, I just love the book because I love living on the edge. It is not so much about to be on top of the mountain, it is about being there. I like what George Herbert Leigh Mallory said when people asked him why he climb Mount Everest, and his answer was “Because it’s there”.

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