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Nikon or Canon? Nikon or Canon? What am I talking here, what my son picture above got to do with Nikon or Canon, nothing actually, nothing really. Actually there is something, without a camera I would not be able to capture this image and share it with you here. It doesn’t really matter whether I use Nikon or Canon, can you tell it by looking at the picture above without  going through my flickr page and searching for the EXIF File, you wouldn’t know which camera I use to get this picture.

What am I trying to say here, what am I trying to write here. From time to time I got a lot of email from someone who wanted to buy a DSLR camera which brand to buy, and the most popular DSLR in the marker today is undoubtedly  Nikon and Canon. I cannot make a comparison for both of them because I use only one brand of a camera and it wouldn’t be fair for  me to make a comparison, instead I will ask back to those who ask me, which one do you like? Then just buy it without thinking too much, which brand to buy.

Camera is just a tool after all, it is a tool to photograph something, it is not a magic box that will automatically take great picture that will win a photography competition, it is just an inanimate object, it can’t take a picture  itself, it need someone to trigger it, to push the shutter button in order for the camera to captured a picture, that’s it.

Some people buy a camera because they like the look and feel of  the camera, some people buy a camera because they got an inspiration from a great photographer who use a certain brand of a camera, some people buy it because some of the world iconic image was taken by that particular brand of a camera. It doesn’t matter which drive you to choose any brand of a camera, just bought it and forget about it.

You will never make a wrong decision, I’m talking about brand here, I’m not talking about the usefulness of the camera, whether you want to shoot sports, wedding, landscape, underwater, that will be discuss later or in my next article. Here I just want to make it easy for you to choose which brand of a camera to buy. How and what type of photography endeavor that you will be using your camera is another thing, another discussion.

After you bought your camera, don’t just throw away the manual, take some time to read it, don’t throw away the manual and start asking everybody about Aperture, ISO, Shutter Speed, Depth of Field and all the technical things about the camera where those things are clearly written in the manual. Don’t be lazy, just take the time to read it, if you don’t understand, what’s written there, get a dictionary, that’s how I learn photography, I will only ask people when there is no information about it in the manual.

Did you know I spent more than one year to study about photography by buying photography book and magazine before I bought my first SLR, my first camera is Nikon FM2. When I get my hand on the camera , I don’t really need to ask anybody about technical thing of the camera since I’ve done my homework. In the next article I will be talking or written more about photography than a camera, stay tune…

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