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    Hi, I'm Wazari Wazir, Malaysian Photojournalist and also Travel Blogger, working for the Government of Malaysia.

    Will be sharing a variety of travel stories and photographs here and occasionally my recent assignment with the government. I do conduct Photography and Photoshop Workshops if there is any invitations.

    I've Conduct a Photoshop Workshops in IIUM International Islamic University Malaysia (Gombak) and also at Universiti Kuala Lumpur Malaysian Institute of Aviation Technology (UniKL MIAT), in Selangor and other Photography Workshops all over the country including Sabah Malaysia North Borneo.

    My Blog is The Winner for Best Photography Blog 2014 during MSMW Malaysia Social Media Week Blogger Awards 2014.

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Family Photography Outing at Titiwangsa Lake Garden | Kuala Lumpur

© 2015 Wazari Wazir | Family Photography at Titiwangsa Lake Garden

“A photograph never grows old. You and I change, people change all through the months and years but a photograph always remains the same. How nice to look at a photograph of mother or father taken many years ago. You see them as you remember them. But as people live on, they change completely. That is why I think a photograph can be kind.”

– Albert Einstein –

Travel and Photography | A Siberian Winter

© 2015 Wazari Wazir | A Women Walking Along The Bank of Angara River in Winter | Russia

Winter is a long, open time. The nights are as dark as the end of the world. The elk that you glimpse in the summer, those at the forest edge, are survivors of winter, only the strongest. You see one just before dusk that summer, standing at the perimeter of the meadow so it can step back to the forest and vanish. You can’t help imagining the still, frozen nights behind it, so cold that the slightest motion is monumental.

I have found their bodies, half drifted over in snow, no sign of animal attack or injury. Just toppled over one night with ice working into their lungs. You wouldn’t want to stand outside for more than a few minutes in that kind of weather. If you lived through only one of those winters the way this elk has, you would write books about it. You would become a shaman. You would be forever changed. That elk from the winter stands there on the summer evening, watching from beside the forest. It keeps its story to itself.

– Craig Childs –

Travel | Tips on How To Get Through Customs and Immigration Process Faster

© 2015 WazariWazir | Trans-Siberian Railway Handbook By Bryan Thomas | The Only Guide Book That I Bring

© 2015 Wazari Wazir | Printed Trans-Siberian Online Ticket

© 2015 Wazari Wazir | Subway or Metro Map of Moscow Russia

© 2015 Wazari Wazir | Hostel Booking Confirmation Letter and Beijing Subway Map

© 2015 Wazari Wazir | Train Scheduled and Map on Getting To The Train Station

Every travellers have different kind of tips and  tricks on how they can get through customs and immigration process faster. Who doesn’t want to get through them faster, if possible we always wanted to speed up the process. I don’t know about you guys, each and every time when I arrived at the foreign airport, my heart always beating faster especially when queuing up in line to get to the passport controller and to get our passport stamped.

I don’t want to list all of the tips and tricks because I don’t have any, I just wanted to share a little bit of my experience and I know that most of you here are a frequent visitor and I do believe most of you here and frequent traveler also, bit before that let’s make things clear about Customs and immigration officer.

Immigration :

Immigration process is responsible for ensuring people enter any  country legally. This is basically passport control and this is where you will encounter immigration. They check travel documents looking for anything suspicious along with asking a few questions. There is a clear distinction between the two. Most people will encounter immigration officer  first where your passport is checked followed by customs you have the opportunity to declare good.

Customs :

Customs role is to control items from entering a country. They are usually involved in searching for drugs, counterfeits, and different types of smuggling. They also play a role in collecting taxes on taxable items when entering a country. You usually see these officials after passport control where you must decide if you have anything to declare or not. Most of the time you hand them a piece of paper and move right on by.

So I want to share with you about getting through Immigration process faster, or if not faster, just to get through. Nowadays with all this IS (Islamic State) and ISIS (Islamic State in Iraq and Syria), passport control officer will always curious when dealing with travellers especially  from Islamic country and especially if you are a muslim and your name or your look, resemblance of the most wanted terrorist. Yes, I know, it is quite unfair but that’s how things work now.

When I was arriving at Heathrow Airport in London, I was asked by the Immigration Officer or the passport controller a lot of question, he gives me a strange look, his eye looks like almost wanted pop out of the socket, or maybe he simply wanted to interrogate me, first things he asked me “What are you doing in London?”. Then when I told him that it was just a quick stay, and I wanted to go to Russia afterwards, he asked me again, why must stop by at London and not flying straight to Moscow, he has a valid reason and he has the right to be curious because why I’m flying far away to London and then getting down to Moscow, if you look at the map you will understand,

it’s like why I choose to travel to London first if my destination is Istanbul. I told the passport controller that I was getting a cheaper air ticket to London compare to fly directly to Moscow, and then he asked me more question, this and that. I also told him that I wanted to do the Trans-Siberian Railway trip, and he asked me about the itinerary, so I give him a file containing all my itinerary, train tickets, hostel/hotel booking and subway metro map of each city that I plan to visit. He look at the file, almost every pages and then he hand over the file back to me and then my passport get stamped.

Sometimes you can get easily past the immigration officer faster without any question asked, depending n which country you visit. And I know that it is quite tricky to get to London and Russia so, I’ve prepared everything about my trip in the file. My file contain my completed itinerary, hostel booking letters, flight tickets, train tickets, subway or map of each city that I plan to visit, few destination that I want to visit complete with details on how to get there, what buses or metro to take and few more. Another things is you must stay clam at all time, and answer the question confidently. Know what you are doing, try to control yourself.

Same things happen when I was arriving at Saint Petersburg passport control, the man at the desk asked me all kind of question and when I said I want to do the Trans-Siberian railway all the way to Beijing China, he wanted to look at my train tickets, so I hand over to him my file with all the details and then I get through it without further question.

My point here is that, make sure you have all your documents ready and I think among the best that we can do is keeping all of our documents in a single file, yes we must also have a backup copy somewhere, in the cloud storage or in our email, just in case something is missing and another thing is, always have your Embassy Address (Your Country Embassy in the country you plan to visit) and  have their Tel No ready at you hand. If anything still unclear, unsettled, then your embassy might or could help you, in fact they are responsible to help you.

After that you will pass through or stopped by at the custom counter check point  but if you have nothing to declare, just move on. Most traveler have no problem with this because we normally have nothing much with us, just a backpack with our clothing and maybe the only thing that is valuable is our smartphone, camera and maybe a laptop. If you are stopped by, don’t argue and just follow the order.

There are amy other ways on getting through the immigration officer which you can find online but here, I just wanted to share with you about the documentation, filing up your documentation, yes each country is different but better be prepared than sorry.

Anda Tidak Perlu Kaya Untuk Mengembara | Hendak Seribu Daya, Tak Hendak Seribu Dalih

© 2010 Wazari Wazir | Once Upon a Time in Agra | India

Sebenarnya artikel ini saya tulis hanya sekadar mengisi ruang kekosongan, kalau nak ikutkan ayat “Hendak Seribu Daya, Tak Hendak Seribu Dalih” itupun sudah cukup untuk menjelaskan segalanya. Banyak dah artikel yang boleh kita dapati di internet berkaitan tajuk ini, apa yang pasti walaupun banyak namun orang tetap suka membaca dan yang menulis pun suka menulis, salah satu faktor ialah SEO, Search Engine Optimisation terutama kepada mereka-mereka yang menjadikan blog mereka sebagai sebahagian sumber pendapatan.

Dengan tips-tips yang diberikan, maka blog mereka dishare oleh orang ramai, ranking blog pun naik, pengiklan pun semakin minat untuk mengiklan produk atau perkhidmatan mereka di blog yang popular.

Jadi saya tidak berhasrat untuk memberikan tips-tips bagaimana untuk mengembara, apa point-point yang perlu anda lakukan untuk mengembara. Cuma yang ingin saya tekankan di sini ialah, anda tidak perlu menjadi orang kaya yang mempunyai ratusan ribu, atau jutaan wang ringgit di bank hanya untuk keluar dari bumi Malaysia melihat kehidupan di luar sana. Walaupun begitu untuk mengembara, kita sememangnya perlukan wang ringgit tetapi bukanlah dalam jumlah yang sangat banyak.

Satu ketika dahulu saya pun pernah terfikir, bahawa tidak mungkin seumur hidup saya dapat melihat dunia luar dengan pekerjaan yang saya lakukan ketika itu, yang saya terbayang mungkin peluang untuk menunaikan Ibadat Haji sahaja ruang yang saya ada untuk keluar melihat negara lain selain Malaysia, tetapi masa menunggu untuk mengerjakan ibadat haji sangat lama, masa tu nak berfikir untuk ke luar Malaysia jauh sekali. Jangankan ingin ke luar negara, untuk ke Sabah dan Sarawak pun satu perkara yang sukar bagi saya.

Namun segalanya berubah bila saya mula berkhidmat dengan Jabatan Penerangan Malaysia pada tahun 2001, untuk pertama kalinya saya menaiki kapal terbang ke Kota Kinabalu Sabah atas urusan kerja. Waktu itu saya berlepas di terminal Lapangan Terbang Antarabangsa Subang. Masa tu bertugas ke Sabah berdua bersama seorang lagi rakan sekerja. Nasib baik ada kawan, kalau tidak memang terkial-kial untuk saya check in. Pertama kali nak naik kapal terbang, pakaian pun kemas macam nak pergi kerja, bukan apa takut kalau pakai selekeh nanti orang tak bagi naik kapal terbang, masih kebudak-budakan masa tu, terlalu naif.

Keterujaan untuk masuk ke perut kapal terbang masa tu memang tak dapat untuk saya gambarkan, dalam pada itu rasa takut pun ada juga, mana tidaknya hampir tiga jam terapung di ruang udara, apa-apa pun boleh jadi tapi saya seronok melihat pemandangan di luar tingkap, seronok melihat kepulan-kepulan   awan putih bersih di luar tingkap pesawat, sesekali nampak Laut China Selatan, walaupun pesawat terbang pada kelajuan 800 hingga 900 Kilometer sejam namun, seolah-olah terapung di tempat yang sama.

Pengalaman di Sabah, melihat corak kehidupan serta persekitaran yang agak jauh berbeza dari Semenanjung membuatkan saya semakin teruja untuk melihat lebih banyak lagi tempat-tempat lain di dunia ini. Sebelum itu di zaman bujang lagi saya selalu menyimpan keratan-keratan akhbar yang memaparkan artikel tentang destinasi-destinasi pelancongan di seluruh dunia, asal jumpa sahaja artikel berkenaan pengembaraan, saya akan simpan dan filekan elok-elok dalam file khas untuk artikel tersebut.

Waktu itu maklumat bukan macam sekarang hanya di hujung jari sahaja, di rumah tiada internet, di pejabat pula waktu itu hanya ada sebuah komputer sahaja yang mempunyai akses kepada internet, itupun terpaksa berkongsi dengan abang-abang senior yang lain, jadi maklumat untuk travel memang tersangat terhad.

© 2010 Wazari Wazir | Travel Trip | Rajasthan | India

Destinasi pertama saya ke luar negara, bukan atas urusan kerja adalah India, iaitu trip bersama kawan-kawan pada bulan Jun 2010. Itulah trip pertama saya ke luar negara atas urusan peribadi. Apa yang ingin saya kongsikan di sini ialah, pokok pangkalnya kita kena ada MINAT, minat yang mendalam untuk melihat dunia luar, bila ada minat dalam diri maka kita akan berusaha untuk mencapai impian kita, memang bukan mudah untuk mencapai impian, pelbagai halangan perlu ditempuh terutamanya untuk mengumpul modal, membeli tiket kapal terbang, membayar duit hotel dan macam-macam lagi.

Seperti mana yang telah saya tuliskan diawal artikel ini, terdapat banyak tips-tips tentang bagaimana kita boleh mengembara tanpa mengeluarkan wang yang banyak di internet ini, boleh sahaja kita Google dan cari. Salah satu cara yang biasa orang lakukan ialah berjimat cermat tetapi bagaimana hendak berjimat cermat kalau hujung bulan, baki gaji yang tinggal hanya cukup-cukup makan, jangankan membeli tiket keretapi membeli return tiket keretapi dari KL Sentral ke Woodland Singapura pun belum tentu cukup.

So berbalik kepada minat, kalau berjimat cermat pun masih belum mencukupi, apakah kita akan menguburkan minat dan impian kita begitu sahaja, sedangkan kita masih lagi bernyawa, masih lagi dikurniakan akal fikiran yang waras untuk berfikir, maka langkah seterusnya ialah mencari jalan bagaimana kita boleh menambah pendapatan kita, agar kita ada lebihan wang yang boleh digunakan untuk memuaskan nafsu travel kita.

Gunakan apa sahaja kepakaran yang kita ada untuk menjana pendapatan sampingan, guru-guru mungkin boleh buat kelas tuisyen, peminat Photography mungkin boleh buat part time photography, ambil gambar event, perkahwinan ataupun mencuba stock photography atau boleh juga lakukan perniagaan secara online, pendek kata peluang untuk menambah pendapatan terbuka luas, internet adalah lombong emas kepada yang tahu menggalinya dan kepada yang lain mungkin sekadar menghabiskan kuata internet dengan melayari laman sosial tanpa memberi keuntungan atau manfaat kepada diri sendiri dan masyarakat.

Minat yang mendalam akan memaksa kita melakukan apa sahaja untuk memenuhi impian kita, memang tak dinafikan bila sebut sahaja tentang kembara, tentang travel, ramai yang minat tetapi minat yang gitu-gitu sahaja, kalau diberikan tiket penerbangan percuma serta penginapan dan makan minum percuma, dah tentu berebut-rebut yang cuba mendapatkannya tetapi kalau kena bayar sendiri mungkin ramai yang fikir dua tiga kali kecuali yang betul-betul berminat.

Minat bukan sekadar minat, minat harus disusuli dengan usaha, buat homework, belajar bagaimana kita boleh dapatkan tiket tambang murah, mungkin ramai yang tak percaya kalau kita boleh ke Bali Indonesia dengan bayaran tidak kurang RM100 untuk tambang pergi balik dan saya pernah ke India dengan AirAsia dengan tiket berharga tidak sampai RM600 untuk tambang penerbangan pergi balik Kuala Lumpur New Delhi tetapi tidak lama selepas itu penerbangan secara terus ke New Delhi telah ditamatkan.

Apa yang ingin saya beritahu, sekiranya kita minat, kita cuba dapatkan tambang yang murah, dan kena rajin tengok promosi yang seringkali diadakan  oleh syarikat-syarikat penerbangan dan untuk tempahan hotel pula, cukup banyak website seperti Booking.com, Hostelbooker.com, Agoda, Trivago, Airbnb dan lain-lain lagi yang menawarkan diskaun untuk penginapan di seluruh dunia.

© 2012 Wazari Wazir | Dal Lake | Kashmir | India

© 2012 Wazari Wazir | Sonamarg | Kashmir | India

Realitinya bukan semua orang minat travel atau kembara, boleh sahaja kita lihat sebahagian dari kawan-kawan kita yang kerap bertukar-tukar kereta, atau motosikal, yang kerap bertukar-tukar atau membeli iPhone atau Smartphone yang baru, ramai kawan-kawan kita yang kerap membeli kamera yang baru walaupun kamera lama masih lagi elok, tetapi mereka ni tak minat nak travel, bukan pasal tiada wang, tetapi kerana tiada minat. Bukan satu kesalahan pun untuk tidak meminati travel, manusia dengan karenah masing-masing, impian dan cita-cita setiap orang berbeza-beza.

Kepada yang minat travel, rasanya mereka tidak membaca sejauh ini, baca headline atau tajuk blogpost ini pun sudah memadai kerana mereka telah tahu apa yng perlu dilakukan. Yang minat “gitu-gitu” pun tahu apa yang perlu mereka lakukan tetapi tiada apa-apa tindakan di lakukan, “No action taken” jadi mereka tidak ke mana-mana, mungkin mengharap agar ada tiket kapal terbang jatuh ke riba. Minat mengembara ini pun secara tidak langsung merangsang kita untuk lebih tekun bekerja, untuk menambah sumber pendapatan agar kita boleh terus dengan impian dan cita-cita kita, GST bukanlah penghalang impian kita. Kita boleh terus mengeluh sampai hujung nyawa, atau lakukan sesuatu yang boleh mengubah masa depan kita.

“All great people had experienced dark times and moments of doubt but they find inner strength to overcome these difficulties. Persistent determination and enthusiasm fuel the hope within their spirit to press forward for the ultimate aim of achieving the goals they have set for themselves.”

– Lailah Gifty Akita –

Outdoor Family Portraits | Backlighting Photography

© 2015 Wazari Wazir | My Family Having Fun at The Park

To some photographers, backlighting is their worst nightmare, depending on situation of course, but for me I love backlighting because they are natural and I want to photograph it naturally, just the way it is. It can be tricky especially on  your metering systems, but if you get it right, the result will be great.

This is not really a photography session, so it wasn’t that perfect, actually we were just spending few hours jogging at the park and then, I saw this beautiful warmth morning sunrise and decided to make a quick photographs of my family.

Personally I think the best time to get a great warmth backlighting if the weather is good is when the sun is about 45 degree angle. Actually I’ve written quite a few about tips on getting good backlighting photography, if you have the time, please check out my previous post regarding the subject. Anyway the photographs above were taken with Canon 5D Mark II with 50 mm fixed prime lens.