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    Hi, I'm Wazari Wazir, Malaysian Photojournalist and also Travel Blogger, working for the Government of Malaysia.

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    I've Conduct a Photoshop Workshops in IIUM International Islamic University Malaysia (Gombak) and also at Universiti Kuala Lumpur Malaysian Institute of Aviation Technology (UniKL MIAT), in Selangor and other Photography Workshops all over the country including Sabah Malaysia North Borneo.

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Ramadan Di Kuala Lumpur | Bubur Lambuk Di Masjid India

© 2014 Wazari Wazir | Bubur Lambuk di Masjid India

Last week memandangkan tiada assignment apa nak buat, saya bersama rakan sekerja saya Nazri Rapaai mengambil keputusan untuk ronda-ronda sekitar Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman dan Masjid India untuk ambil apa-apa gambar yang menarik sempena Ramadan kali ini. Antara yang menarik perhatian ialah suasana orang ramai sedang mengambil bubur lambuk di Masjid India.

Kalau kena gaya dan sudut tertentu, mungkin ada sesetangh orang akan ingat gambar diatas dirakam di India ataupun Bangladesh, cuma saya malas nak tunggu lama-lama kat dalam tu pasal agak panas. Maklumlah bubur tersebut baru sahaja dimasak dan pengagihan bubur lambuk bermula seawal jam empat petang dan sekitar jam lima petang bubur lambuk habis diedarkan.

Menurut seorang brother yang selalu ke sini, katanya bubur lambuk Masjid India ini lebih sedap dari bubur Lambuk Kampung Baru dan tahan lebih lama, rasanya lebih “spicy” kerana lebih banyak rempah ratus digunakan dan tahan lebih lama kerana mereka tidak menggunakan santan dalam ramuan bubur lambuk tersebut. Apapun saya tidak boleh mengesahkannya pasal saya dah agak lama tidak makan bubur lambuk Kampung Baru, dan di sini saya cuma mengambil gambar sahaja, dan tidak membawa pulang bubur lambuk yang disediakan.

Kami tak sempat nak menemubual mereka-mereka yang terlibat dalam menjayakan program bubur lambuk di Masjid India ni, semuanya sedang sibuk dan saya tidak menunggu lama di sini, kalau ikutkan di Masjid India ini seperti juga mana-mana masjid di Malaysia ini ada jamuan berbuka puasa di sediakan dan selain di sini, Masjid Jamek Kuala Lumpur juga turut mengadakan jamuan berbuka puasa seperti biasa, so banyak pilihan untuk wargakota berbuka puasa.

Kesemua gambar-gambar diatas saya rakam guna kamera Fujifilm X100T, so agak limited sikit sudut pandang yang saya boleh rakam, sekiranya ada lensa uyang lebih luas atau telephoto lens mungkin lebih pelbagai sudut pandang boleh dirakam tanpa mengganggu kelancaran proses pengagihan bubur lambuk tersebut.

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Travel and Photography | London With Fujifilm X100T

©  2014 Wazari Wazir | London Big Ben | The House of Parliament

© 2014 Wazari Wazir | High Commission of Malaysia | London | Malaysia Hall London

©  2014 Wazari Wazir | London Big Ben | House of Parliament

© 2014 Wazari Wazir | Royal Guard With Winter Coat | Buckingham Palace London

© 2014 Wazari Wazir | Royal Guard at Buckingham Palace With Winter Coat

© 2014 Wazari Wazir | Buckingham Palace | London

© 2014 Wazari Wazir | Tourist at Buckingham Palace | London

© 2014 Wazari Wazir | Royal Guard Marching Towards Buckingham Palace London

© 2014 Wazari Wazir | Posing at Millennium Bridge | London


© 2014 Wazari Wazir | Pedestrian at Millennium Bridge | London

© 2014 Wazari Wazir | Millennium Bridge London

© 2014 Wazari Wazir | Natural History Museum | London

Trans-Siberian Railway trip is the first trip that I’ve ever travel light. I mean this is the first overseas trip that I didn’t carry a big bulky DSLR, in fact I just bought my Fujifilm X100T less than a week before I flew to London. I bought my X100T mirror-less camera on Friday 5th December and flew to London on 8th December 2014 and arrived on London Heathrow Airport around 5:30 AM on 9th December 2014.

I don’t have much experience or chance to play around with my new toy before heading to London, I really wish I know how to use Panoramic mode while I was in London and I don’t really know how to fiddle around with Film Simulation that the camera provided , let alone to use so many custom button there but my real concern is on how to get the right exposure, how to adjust the aperture and shutter speed, that’s all I really wanted to know at the moment.

Yes, for first timer like me, it’s quite cumbersome to use it, because I’ve no experience with this kind of a camera and it wasn’t easy for me to change ISO, Aperture and Shutter speed,unlike DSLR, I think I need to slow down with this camera, maybe after awhile I’ll get faster using all the buttons but then, I’m not on assignment, I’ve no rush, I can take all the time in this world to get my exposure right, I’m not really concern about losing any precious moment because I’ve nothing to chase.

The only drawback with this camera is that, it only have one fixed focal length which is 23 mm or equivalent of 35 mm on full frame camera. So you can forget about getting a tight head shot of the Royal Guard in front of the Buckingham Palace, and the 23 mm is not really wide enough for most situation especially on architecture shot, I did try to take a selfie shot of me inside the Natural History Museum of London but I end up with my face filling up the frame at an arm length and there is no way to tell where am I.

Yes I know that Fujifilm has given the option to get extra wide or extra coverage with the option of getting the wide and tele conversion lens but I don’t want to carry lots of accessories with me and then, it would be  better for me to   bring my DSLR  I need to change lens.

Anyway I’ve had a great moment with my Fujifilm X100T camera, despite its shortcoming or drawbacks, I manage to get a memorable shot for my journey, the quality of the photograph at High ISO is quite comparable to what high end DSLR can deliver and among the bonus that I like also is the sound of the shutter, almost silent, it work great in the museum where I can take a photograph without anyone notice and without become annoying.

All of the photographs above were shot in RAW and process with Adobe Lightroom and using Fujifilm Classic Chrome Simulation Preset which I use in Lightroom not in the camera, off course I did tweak a little bit to get the look that I really want. Inside the Natural History Museum of London, most of the time I will use High ISO somewhere around ISO 1600 to ISO 2000.

London is just a quick stopover for me, I travel in winter so daylight time is limited, by 5 PM its already getting dark. I just have two days in London and did not manage to visit so many places, on the second day I spent almost four hour inside Natural History Museum, in fact I was among the few visitors who came just few minutes after the museum was open for visitors.

The first day when I arrived in London, my friend in London Muhamad Rafique took me to Malaysia High Commission and then quickly take the tube to Buckingham Palace because I wanted to see the changing of guard around 11:15 am, I don’t want to miss the moment because I know that the changing of the guard doesn’t happen everyday. Unlike in Summer in winter the  guards wear grey greatcoats over their scarlet tunics, so I’m out of luck to photograph them with their iconic red colour.

Fujifilm X100T with fixed focal length of 23 mm is not for everyone but for casual traveler or street shooters, I think, this camera or any camera equivalent is more than good enough. Their small in size and lightweight makes it easy to carry them around for the whole day without burdening your shoulder.

Will I ever regret not having a DSLR with Me? No, Not a chance, in fact I began to enjoy shooting with this small mirror-less camera and if given the chance I would like to visit London once again and spent more time here, so that I can visit so many interesting place that I missed.

*Just to let you know, for my Trans-Siberian Railway Trip, starting in London and then fly to Saint Petersburg Russia and then take the train all the way to Beijing China, I only have one camera with me which is Fujifilm X100T camera.

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Travel | Happiness Only Real When Shared

© 2014 Wazari Wazir | Diplodocus | London Natural History Museum

“Happiness Only Real When Shared.”

– Chris McCandless –

Trans-Siberian Railway trip is my first trip as a Solo Traveler. Actually I did not mean to travel solo on this trip but due to some difficulties to get my friends to join me, I’ve decided to make it alone. I can’t wait forever until everyone is ready because I’ve been wanted to do this trip for quite some time already and I don’t want to prolonged any longer.

About the quote by Chris McCandles there, you may agree or not, I’m not here to discuss about it but for me, happiness will be much more meaningful if shared, especially with your loves one, family members for an example.

As a solo traveler I really like the freedoms to do whatever I wanted to do, to go wherever I wanted to go without wasting times waiting for the other party to ready. Does that makes me happy? Yes on a certain situation that makes me happy but deep down inside I really like to share my happiness with other people especially my family.

That’s what happens on McCandless, he tried to escape the humanity by traveling alone to Alaska and only then he realised that happiness itself can only be amplified or will be more meaningful when  shared.

While I was visiting the National History Museum in London  I spent almost four hour inside, marvelling at the hundreds million year fossil and skeleton of the dinosaur. Yes, I’m happy to be free roaming inside the museum and taking picture as much as I can without waiting or following any party but when I saw a happy family face with a little children, taking picture with the gigantic Dinosaur skeletons, I felt something is missing, which is my family.

I really wish, I can be with them here, especially with my little children which loves the dinosaur toys and I guess a lot of children loves dinosaur. Traveling with little children can be very tiring, you really can’t concentrate on what’s in front of you especially if you traveling in the crowd area like in  this museum, your eyes and attention must be hundred percent on your little children but then, looking at their happy faces will definitely put the stress away.

I wish I’ve the money to bring my family someday here, especially when my children is still a child, I mean yes, I can always saves some money and bring them here when they grow up, becoming a teenagers or an adult but then, the experience won’t be the same, they might get shy away  walking hand in hand with me holding hand together and then, maybe by the time they grew up, becoming an adult or teenager, they might lost interest with all  this Dinosaur skeleton, we never know and we can never tell.

Anyway my point here is that, happiness is real when we shared or will be much more meaningful when shared. Even though nowadays lots of people traveling alone, did you notice how much they share their stories and pictures in social media like Facebook, Twitter and Blogging about it, and some solo travellers like to keep an update about their whereabout almost daily to their facebook or tweet about it.

What does that mean? It means that they wanted to share their happiness and their stories with other people, even though some people like me don’t always update my whereabout when traveling, I do share my stories when I get back home. Have you ever met a person who just came back from traveling abroad and when you asked them about their experience, they say No? They say that their travel stories are not to be shared, its personal. I’ve never met a person like that, I don’t know about you. Most people that I knew will be more than eager to tell their stories, to share their happiness, to share their experience.

Social media like Facebook, Twitter, Blog, Pinterest, Tumbler and a lot more are proofs that happiness will be more meaningful if shared. We don’t normally share all our happiness stories online, there will also a moment of sadness that we wanted to share, when we share our bad moment or unfortunate circumstances, we felt much more relieved, same goes to sharing our happiness, the happiness will be amplified.

“Thousands of candles can be lighted from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared.”

– Anonymous –

Berbuka Puasa di Dataran Merdeka Kuala Lumpur | Iftar at Kuala Lumpur 2015

© 2015 Wazari Wazir | Iftar@KL2015 | Iftar at Kuala Lumpur | Berbuka Puasa Di Dataran Merdeka Kuala Lumpur

Sesekali berbuka puasa beramai-ramai di tempat terbuka sebegini sememangnya menyeronokkan, disamping dapat mengeratkan hubungan silaturrahim, kepada peminat fotografi juga boleh merakam sebahagian peristiwa menarik yang berlangsung di bulan Ramadan khususnya di Kuala Lumpur.

Ini adalah tahun keempat Festival Ramadan ini berlangsung di Kuala Lumpur, program ini dianjurkan oleh Kementerian Pelancongan dan Kebudayaan di bawah  Jabatan Kebudayaan dan Kesenian Negara (JKKN). Dahulunya program ini dikenali sebagai “Jom Buka Puasa.” Kini program ini diberi nama IFTAR@KL2015.

Program berbuka puasa di Dataran Merdeka ini berlangsung pada 20, 21, 27 dan 28 Jun sehingga 4, 5, 11 dan 12 Julai ini (Setiap Sabtu dan Ahad) di Jalan Raja, Kuala Lumpur (berhadapan bangunan Sultan Abdul Samad). Orang ramai dijemput hadir, selain makanan dan minuman yang disediakan orang ramai juga dialu-alukan untuk membawa bekalan makanan atau juadah masing-masing yang mungkin boleh dikongsikan dengan tetamu yang hadir untuk mempelbagaikan juadah yang sedia ada.

Program ini bukan hanya terbuka kepada orang Islam sahaja, sesiapa sahaja yang berkelapangan boleh turut serta, terdapat ramai warga asing termasuk pelancong yang turut memeriahkan suasana, ada baiknya kita datang awal untuk mendapatkan tempat di kawasan yang disediakan, kalau sudah agak penuh, boleh sahaja kita berbuka puasa di padang di Dataran Merdeka tersebut. Seawal jam 6 petang lagi orang ramai sudah boleh mengambil tempat masing-masing.

Berbuka puasa di dalam rumah bersama keluarga tercinta sememangnya baik dan lebih selesa tetapi sekali sekala berbuka ditempat terbuka sebegini mungkin dapat mengeratkan hubungan silaturrahim sesama kita, mungkin kita boleh mendapat kawan baharu ataupun kita boleh ajak kawan-kawan kita satu keluarga berbuka di sini, sama-sama menikmati juadah yang sama sambil bertukar-tukar cerita mengeratkan hubungan sesama kita, insyaAllah. Ruang untuk solat ada disediakan di sini, tetapi sekiranya kita inginkan sedikit keselesaan bersolat, boleh sahaja kita ke Masjid Jamek yang tidak jauh dari sini atau terus sahaja ke Masjid Negara.

Travel | The Beautiful Moscow Metro Museum of Art

© 2014 Wazari Wazir | Beautiful Moscow Metro Stations | All Photographs Taken With Fujifilm X100T

The Moscow Metro dates back to 1931, when its construction began, although engineers Pyotr Balinsky and Evgeny Knorre submitted their first designs to the Moscow City Duma as far back as 1902. On May 15, 1935, 18 years after the Bolshevik revolution, the Metro threw open its doors and carried its first passengers down its escalators and on to its new wagons with padded seats.

The first Metro line – running from Sokolniki to Dvorets Sovetov (now Kropotkinskaya) – was 11km (seven miles) long and had 13 stations. The Metro now has a track of more than 300km with 12 lines and 196 stations. The system is mostly underground, with the deepest section 74 metres (243 ft) underground at the Park Pobedy station, one of the world’s deepest.

Traveling with Moscow Metro is like stepping into a museum of Russian History and architecture, where you can meet Lenin, Dostoyevsky and Pushkin on your travels. It is one of the many tourist attraction that you can find in Russia if architecture is one of your favourite, but even if you don’t like architecture, the Moscow Metro Station is really a sight to be seen. Transporting approximately 9 million people everyday, the Moscow Metro is one of the most extensive and heavily used subway systems in the world.

I was on a very short stay in Moscow, I haven’t got the chance to visit most  of the most beautiful Moscow Station available. Moscow has more to offer than just a Red Square and Kremlin, there is so much to see especially if you like art and architecture, there is plenty of museum to visit, if you are museum kind of guy.

To those of you who are planning to visit Moscow, let me tell you this, three days and two night stay in Moscow is not enough especially if you travel in winter and even if you were to travel in summer when the daylight is longer, three days in Moscow still not good enough, but then, it depends on what kind of traveler you are and what are you really looking at in Moscow.

Here are a few Moscow Metro worth visiting if you have the time :

  • Kievskaya Station
  • Mayakovskaya Station
  • Novoslobodskaya Station
  • Komsomolskaya Station
  • Dostoevskaya Station
  • Chkalovskaya Station
  • Elektrozavodskaya Station
  • Baumanskaya Statio
  • Ploshchad Revolutsii Station
  • Novokuznetskaya Station

All of the photographs above were taken with my trusted Fujifilm X100T, the only camera that I bring for my Trans-Siberian Railway adventure and maybe due to its small size, not many people bother and pay attention to me, I think if I’ve use my big size professional level DSLR, I might have some  problem taking a photographs and might get an unwanted attention from unwelcome people.

At first actually I get a little scared to take my camera out, most of Moscow Metro is pack with people and coming from Malaysia with my puny size, makes me so scared looking at big size of Russian people. They are not scary but when looking at their big size and with their stiff or serious looking face makes me feel a little  bit intimidated. Only after few hours traveling by the Metro I get a little bit of confidence, but still, I take great precautions at all time.

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