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Family Photography Outing | Black Sand Beach Langkawi

© 2014 Wazari Wazir | Family Trip at Langkawi Black Sand Beach Jetty

“Photographs are footprints of our minds, mirrors of our lives, reflections from our hearts, frozen memories that we can hold in silent stillness in our hands – forever if we wish. They document not only where we have been, but also point the way to where we might perhaps be heading, whether or not we realize this yet ourselves.”  

– Judy Weiser, R.Psych –

Actually the main attraction here for most tourist is not this wooden log jetty but the black sand beach located on the left side of this picture. Actually it is not totally black sand but a mixture of normal sand and black coloured sand, but I’m so sorry I didn’t take a photograph of the black sand  because it does not interest me.

Anyway, about the black sand, the locals have believed for centuries that the black sand’s origins are related to a mythical giant half-man half-eagle called a Garuda. The legend starts with the Garuda kidnapping a Chinese princess with a romantic intention in mind but the princess‘s heart has long belonged to her beloved fiance, a Roman prince. A battle soon broke out between the prince and the Garuda with the eagle seeking refuge in its homeland of the Langkawi Island. With the prince determined to defeat the Garuda, the war extended to the island and the black sand seen today are believed to be the remnants of the war. As the end to the story, the prince was reunited with his princess while the Garuda disappeared and was never seen again.

But for the photographers, this wooden logs jetty is what interest them the most, some of the wedding photographers also has been using this wooden logs jetty as one of their location in Langkawi for picturesque wedding shot.

© 2010 Wazari Wazir | Black Sand Beach Langkawi Island | My Son HaiQal is Three Years Old Then

In September 2010, we also  have made a trip here, my son HaiQal then is just three years old and now he is seven years old. So I think it is worthwhile to visit this place again to take another shot. This area also had a small stalls selling souvenir and also a small food court to satisfy your hunger. There is also a small playground for children around this area, even though during to sunny days, the playground is quite comfortable because it was located under the shade of trees. You can have your meal while watching your children playing around.

© 2014 Google Map | Route To Black Sand Beach From Cenang Beach and Eagle Square at Kuah Town

Most people who visit Langkawi will either stay at Cenang Beach or Kuah Town where giant statue of eagle is located. If you stay at Cenang Beach you can take Kuala Muda Road and Then Teluk Yu Road to get to the Black sand Beach or you can take the Ulu Melaka Road, both ways will take you somewhere around thirty minutes or a little bit more to get there, but my advice is why need to rush, there is plenty of beautiful sight along the road.

If you stayed at Kuah Town where the giant eagle statue is located, you can take Ayer Hitam Road to get there, along the way you can visit Perdana Gallery (Perdana Gallery is a museum showcasing exquisite gifts and souvenirs received by the 4th Prime Minister of Malaysia and his wife from all over the world) and Ayer Hangat Village (Ayer Hangat Village features a natural 3-tier salt water hot spring, landscaped gardens with fountains, Jacuzzis, restaurant, cultural shows etc), among the attraction along the road. You will have a scenic drive whatever road that you choose. Why rushing, stop and smell the roses.

Malaysia King’s Birthday Celebration | Trooping the Colour Ceremony

© 2014 Wazari Wazir | Trooping The Colour Ceremony

Yang di- Pertuan Agong Tuanku Abdul Halim Mu’adzam Shah and Raja Permaisuri Agong Tuanku Haminah on Friday June 13, 2014, attended the trooping of the colours at Sungai Besi army camp here. The event, paying of homage and expression of loyalty by the armed forces to the Yang di-Pertuan Agong, was held in conjunction with the birthday of the Yang di-Pertuan Agong.

The King, accompanied by Armed Forces chief Jen Tan Sri Zulkifeli Mohd Zin, inspected a guard-of-honour mounted by 22 officers and 560 personnel led by Royal Malay Regiment First Battalion commander Lt-Kol Megat Ahmad Najib Megat Yunus.

Azman Ismail - Segak tentera kita :)

Photojournalism | Malaysia’s King Birthday Celebration | Yang di-Pertuan Agong’s Birthday Celebration.

© 2014 Wazari Wazir | Malaysia’s King Birthday Celebration at Kem Perdana Sungai Besi | Kuala Lumpur | Istiadat Mengarak Panjipanji Yang di-Pertuan Agong

Malaysia’s King, The Yang di-Pertuan Agong Tuanku Abdul Halim Mu’adzam Shah and the Raja Permaisuri Agong Tuanku Hajah Haminah Hamidun attended the Trooping the Colour of the Yang di-Pertuan Agong ceremony at Dataran Panglima Tentera Darat, Kem Perdana, Sungai Besi on June 13th 2014.

The ceremonial pledge of allegiance of the Malaysian Armed Forces (ATM) to the King as its Supreme Commander was held in conjunction with the Yang di-Pertuan Agong’s birthday celebration.

Photography Tips | Gives Some Room To Breath

© 2014 Wazari Wazir | Photograph On The Left By My Wife | (Right) By Me

© 2014 Wazari Wazir | Family Trip at Langkawi Island

I’m very particular when it comes to composing for a photographs and there is a reason also on why, I seldom post a picture of me with my children taken by my wife. Depending on your experience in photography, and depending on your preference, you may like one over another but for me when I compose a picture, I will always look for some breathing space.

There is a place for a tight shot and there is also a place for better loose shot. A tight shot leave very few choice when it comes for creative cropping or for some publication purpose. The top photograph of me were dry tight and also the second one, there is no breathing space above my head, it is too tight for comfort.

The photographs above shows that having a professional body camera will never guarantee a great picture in the hand of someone who have little knowledge about photography and composition. A great camera can take a good care about exposure, shutter, and sharpness if your focusing is spot on but a great professional camera doesn’t know how to compose by itself. There is no built in alarm sound inside the camera to warn you that your composition is off or does not follow the rule of third.

Some people may say that it is better to have a picture than nothing but if you are photographers like me, lets be honest, each and every time you take a look at the photograph that your friends took of you and the result are not according to your standard, how does it feel?

In some pace, in certain situation, a photograph does not entirely about the person being photographed, it is also about what’s around them, the surrounding or the environment where the picture is taken also has a story to tell. And if you wanted to make a coffee table book or photo book about your vacation, having some breathing space make it much easier during layout than a tight shot. You can also use the negative space for some title for an instance.

If taking photograph were ease, comes naturally, why bother learning about photography…

Family Photography | Once Upon a Time in Langkawi

© 2010 Wazari Wazir | Once Upon a Time in Langkawi | Mahsuri Mausoleum

© 2014 Wazari Wazir | Once Upon a Time in Langkawi | Mahsuri Mausoleum

Both photographs were taken at the same place at Mahsuri House in Langkawi Kedah The top photograph were taken in September 2010, my son HaiQal is three years old then,  and the bottom one is the new one taken this month (June 2014). To be honest I like the old one compared to this new look from photographers point of view.

Yes, I know, the old version looks like this house is abandon and not taken care off, compared to the new look but personally I think, the lack of colours make this picture, I mean the new one look a bit dull.

Word of cautions, it is no longer safe to walk on that small wooden pillar or log there, if you are heavyweight kind of a person, be prepared to get some unwanted adventure. Anyway hopefully someone will change the floor to a better one or make a schedule maintenance since it was not free to visit this place.

Adult have to pay entry fees of MYR7 (Local) and small children have to pay MYR1 (5-7 years Old).