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Child Photography | Colors of My Life

Colors play an important role in photography, other than black and white photograph, but too much colors is no good either, it will then become a distraction rather than attraction. I choose my son clothes carefully during photo shoot, usually, I will bring few more clothes whenever I’m going out with my family, sometimes certain […]

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Portrait Photography | Colors of My Life

There was a times when I like to boost some contrast when it feels right, colors can enhance mood of happiness or cheerfulness but in order for the colors to stand out you need to match with a perfect background that will make your subject stand out from the crowd. I took this picture at […]

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Photoshop Tone | Before and After Processing

Just a quick update to show you a difference between Original picture above and the Edited version with the Tone, picture below, it is subtle, it’s minimal. I shoot the original picture in RAW or NEF for Nikon. I took that shot at Putrajaya Botanical Garden during weekend with 50mm lens. Very simple shot but […]

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