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Photography Editing | Adobe Lightroom 5 Essential Development

© 2013 Craft and Vision | Adobe Lightroom 5 Essential Development By Sean McCormacks Lightroom is always evolving and so should your digital editing. Essential Development for Lightroom 5 is a no-holds-barred guidebook that can help you explore, modify, and dig deep into the tools you’ve come to love; as well as, how to make the most […]

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Photography and Editing | New Photoshop Toning Effect II

© 2013 Wazari Wazir | My New eBook | Photoshop Toning Effect II | Some of The Samples From 38 Pages © 2013 Wazari Wazir | BEFORE (TOP) and AFTER Editing Using One Of The Technique From The eBook Maybe some of you think that the result above is a little bit too much “warm” […]

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Photography | Adobe Lightroom Dave Delnea’s Develop Presets

© 2013 Craft and Vision| Dave Delnea’s Develop Preset This Adobe Lightroom Develop Preset Package is 46 of Dave Delnea’s most used presets and a 28-page PDF manual, which includes installation instructions, and complete before/after catalog of photographs of each preset to give you a sense of what to expect. Presets are extremely helpful in […]

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Travel Photography | Once Upon a Time in Kashmir | Sonamarg in Winter

© 2012 Wazari Wazir | Sonamarg | Kashmir in Winter “The fault-finder will find faults even in paradise. Love your life, poor as it is. You may perhaps have some pleasant, thrilling, glorious hours, even in a poor-house. The setting sun is reflected from the windows of the alms-house as brightly as from the rich […]

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