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Direct Flash Photography Syndrome

This is not a beautiful artistic picture that people normally will hang on their wall, some people may think this is just a snap shot picture, a piece of cake picture that everybody can take, well easier said than done, if only you know how many photographers are here struggling to get this shot, more […]

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Photojournalism | Farewell | Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi

© 2009 Wazari Wazir | Farewell | Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi ” I became a photographer because it involved me in the entire world around me. “I became a photographer because it provided me with food for my soul and bread for my table. “I became a photographer because it enable me to observe the […]

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UMNO | Historical Assignment

This is actually truly a historical assignment, I’m talking about politics in Malaysia. Usually I don’t like to publish my official job here, I don’t want you to get bored with all those political figure but this one is different. It was not an easy coverage, a lot of photographers here, all great angle are […]

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It's Hard To Say Goodbye…

Salam untuk semua pengunjung di sini, mintak maaf kerana dah lama tak berupdate blog ni, nak bersawang rasanya. Lengang bukannya kerana tiada apa yang hendak ditulis ataupun kerana tiada gambar yang hendak dipamer atau dikongsi. Banyak sebenarnya yang hendak dikongsi tapi masa yang kurang mencukupi, kepada yang tertanya-tanya apa aktiviti saya dan ke mana saya […]

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