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Photoshop Texture eBook is Here | How To Play With Texture

“Hello Wazari I’ve bought your photoshop ebook and here what I’ve done using your textures. Your instructions are very simple and very easy to do it. I was used to use texture but I always have difficulty to get rid of the texture on faces and other part and with your book, it was perfect. […]

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Father and Son | Yesterday When I Was Young

© 2010 Rujiah Muhin | Photograph of Me Taken By My Wife | Kiram Village | Mesilau Yesterday When I Was Young | Roy Clark Seems the love I’ve known has always been The most destructive kind Yes, that’s why now I feel so old Before my time. Yesterday when I was young The taste […]

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Portrait Photography | Girl Next Door

To the Photographers, Kundasang is a must-visit place if they come to Sabah. Approximately 90km or just two hours leisurely drive from Kota Kinabalu, you will reach this place. What’s so interesting about Kundasang? This is where you can see Mount Kinabalu an iconic image of Sabah  closely, this is where Kinabalu Park is located […]

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