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Photography Tips | Children Close Up Portraiture

© 2014 Wazari Wazir | Close Up Portraiture of My Daughter Arianna “I always felt like the close-up portrait was the most essential, the most valid picture out there, it was just all about the person, not about their clothes, not about the environment, not about their background, not giving any hints to their social […]

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Backlit or Backlighting Photography Tips for Portraiture

© 2013 Wazari Wazir | Backlighting Photography Tips | Canon 5D Mark II | 50mm | ISO 160 | 1/1000 | f/2 I’ve written a lot of backlighting photography tips, you can check my previous post regarding on camera metering to get the best exposure for your subject. In this blog post I just wanted […]

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Photography Tips On How To Get Your Photography Noticed

© 2011 Wazari Wazir | HaiQal Photograph With Texture Editing © 2013 Wazari Wazir | HaiQal Photograph on The Cover of CONFRONTATION Book A lot has been said and written about getting your photograph noticed, among the suggestion is to enter photography forum, join photography contest, join photography exhibition and maybe talk to your favourite […]

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