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Istanbul | Tourist and Blue Mosque

© 2013 Wazari Wazir | Tourist Taking Photograph of Blue Mosque in Istanbul

Have camera will travel, well actually you don’t need to have a camera to travel the world, all you really need is a Passport and a Visa depending on the countries that you wanted to visit. Anyway most people nowadays have cameras in their pockets, I mean a mobile phone with a camera and most mobile phone nowadays have build in camera even though the quality of the photograph may vary from one and another.

People travel for different kind of a reason, some just wanted to unwind and relax after hard days at the office, some just wanted to see up close and personal what the world has to offer, wanted to see some of the best travel attractions in the world with their own eyes. Some people travel with big expensive DSLR, some with medium size compact camera and some with just an iPhone or any smart phone with build in camera.

Most of the time, people took a camera with when travelling because they wanted to photograph the place that they have visited and get their photograph taken with the landmark for any particular destination, to show their friends and family that they have been there done that. Its like a souvenir from abroad. A proof where they have been.

Whatever the reason might be is, most people travel with a camera nowadays even though they are traveling for  a business or work related purposed. Depending on your needs and intention, you really don’t need an expensive camera to bring along, if you just wanted to print 4r or 8r size photograph back home, any latest mobile phone camera can do the job and we have so many choice when it comes to print our photos, you can make small photo book with you iPhone photos or instagram photos.

You don’t really need full frame camera with 20 megapixels camera if all you wanted to do is just print 4r size picture or make a photo book in 8×10 or A4 size. But like I said people travel for different kind of a reason and since this is a photography blog and most people who visit my blog is a photographer or someone who have an interest in photography, you may travel for different kind of a reason.

Some photographers travel all over the world for their stock photography, wanted to sell their travel pictures to a photo agency or magazines, yes for this kind of a reason, you do need to have a different kind of a camera, you need a better camera than just a built in mobile phone camera, a DSLR or high end compact camera will do the job.

When I spent few hours around this area, Sultanahmet area, what I notice is that, most tourist just carry a simple point and shoot camera. Some just use their mobile phone to photograph the Blue Mosque, not many people carry big expensive DSLR and I think it is good for them, traveling light is what we should do if we wanted to enjoy our holiday, sometimes when I took my DSLR to take a pictures, it feels like I’m on assignment, I try to find the best possible angle to photograph certain things, I wait for the right moment, wait for the light to change for the better and when most tourist have gone to another place, I’m still going nowhere waiting “for the right moment”.

It’s really like I’m on an assignment, maybe I push myself too hard and I think I should get a simple but good quality compact camera with me for my next adventure, I don’t want to have another “assignment”, I want to enjoy the scenery with my naked eyes and less time behind my camera viewfinder.

Maybe I need a new small camera and maybe I should visit Istanbul once again and just watch the world goes by, watching the sunset from Galata Tower fully without concentrating on taking pictures. Watching the sun goes hidden behind the Blue Mosque completely without felt guilty for not taking a single frame of a picture, I need to visit Istanbul once again, with or without camera, “Istanbul Aku Pasti Datang Lagi, InsyaAllah”… (Istanbul I’ll Come Back Again)


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