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© 2005 Wazari Wazir | Petronas Twin Tower View From PLUS Highway | Nikon D100 | 70-200mm

I believe that most people who have been traveling North-South Expressway especially those traveling south, heading towards Kuala Lumpur, Seremban or Johor Baharu coming from the north will greatly miss this view so much. Back in the good old days, whenever we reach this area, approximately one kilometre from Plaza Toll Jalan Duta, we will be welcome by this beautiful sight, especially if we reach here in the late afternoon, you know that you’ve finally reach Kuala Lumpur after a long journey.

Nowadays due to rapid development in the area, you really can’t see the Petronas Twin Tower clearly like this, in fact, it is almost completely hidden by the apartment and condominium in front of it. Actually back in the good old days, you not only can see the Petronas Twin Tower but you can also see the Kuala Lumpur Tower from this area, from the left side of the road (Not from where this picture is taken). Those two Kuala Lumpur iconic buildings will greet you from afar.

I think most people always wanted to take a photograph from this side of the road but take it for granted, thinking that, it will always be there, thinking that, they will always can took it later, this view will always stays the same but unfortunately it isn’t. Maybe if I’ve some free time, I should go back here and take a few shots to show you guys the development that has taken place here where you can’t hardly see the Petronas Twin Tower again, it is completely hidden.

To those of you who miss this view so much , hopefully my photographs here can bring back the good memory whenever your vehicle approaching Kuala Lumpur coming from the north.

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