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© Craft and Vision | PHOTOGRAPH Magazine Issue 3 | A Digital Quarterly Magazine for Creative Photographers

“The work of others has much to teach us, not only about making photographs, but

also about seeing the world.”

– David DuChemin –

I believed that to be a great photographer, we need more than just a camera skills, we need more than just a technical skills, we need more knowledge than just to know how to operate our camera’s gears, we need to all rounded photographers and educated photographers if we wanted to go far in this field, but then I know successful in photography doesn’t mean that we can sell our single images for a thousand of dollars, it’s more than that, sometimes it is just a personal satisfaction that you finally know that you already make it.

Those photographers who featured in this digital quarterly photography magazine is not a  World Press Photography Competition Winners but most of them success in their own world, in their own term and we can learn from their experience a lot. Sometimes, very little we can learn from their photograph, in order to fully appreciate their pictures, we need to go behind the scene, we need to know how they get the pictures, how they plan everything, so that in the end we can see the result and even though some of the photograph featured in this magazine look quite simple, trust me, it will never easy to get those image.

Some of you might  say that if they were there, if they were in Africa, if they were in Tunisia, they will get the same pictures as well, maybe yes or no, it will never be that easy, you need to plan, you need to know their customs, get to know their people, their tradition, belief, and if possible find someone local who can help you get closer to them, people are not a statue, where you can photograph them as you like, they have feelings that we must respect, so don’t simple say that, you can do it too, if you were there as well. Yes if you said you can take a better picture of Taj Mahal or Statue of Liberty, then I can believe you because they are not human, you can play around and they will never get bored at you but people are different.

Anyway, about this PHOTOGRAPHY MAGAZINE ISSUE 3 , there’s more than about travel and people photography, you can also learn how to use reflectors, a little bit of Lightroom editing to get the best of your images and there is also about foods photography if you like one. Photography Issue 3 is packed with incredible portfolios and Q+As—this time from: Hengki Koentjoro, Dave Delnea, and Kevin Clark. And there are the usual great columns from people like Martin Bailey, Nicole S. Young, Kevin Clark, and John Paul Caponigro, as well as a featured article from David duChemin about his recent work in Northern Kenya. You have plenty of inspirations here and this Photograph magazine is more than 100 pages that will inspire you to see the world differently.

You can get purchase PHOTOGRAPH Magazine Issue 3 for USD $8 from CRAFT AND VISION

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