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© 2011 Craft and Vision | eBook – Making Light | An Introduction to Off-Camera Flash

MAKING LIGHT is all about producing beautiful photographs with your off-camera flash. These practical techniques are specific to one remote flash so you can forget about all the fuss of using tons of equipment.

Learn how to fill in harsh shadows, balance ambient light, rescue fading evening light, or substitute for a complete lack of light. With the perfect blend of theory and easy-to-understand exercises you’ll gain the insight you need to rock your triggers and modifiers for both Canon and Nikon flashes. Through 9 case studies you’ll see just how simple and powerful your off-camera flash can be. : Craft And Vision

Saying “I don’t need flash because my camera goes to ISO 2.5 zillion” is missing the point: it’s not about the quantity of light, it’s about the quality of light. Two are capable of more than one. The same applies to light sources.” 

Piet Van Den Eynde

I’ve to admit that I’m not  really interested using flash in my photography even though I know that  flash will definitely make my picture look better especially when the lighting condition is not very good. We can’t control natural light, we can’t control or position where the sun should shine, for natural light photographer, they  must be very creative in utilizing natural light because they keeps on changing and they must work faster before it gets dark.

There is a challenge when using natural light and that’s why some photographers like to use flash in their photography. As you know I’m not doing any business in photography, I did not shoot picture for clients other than my official work as one of Staff Photographer for the Government, other than that I shoot picture for fun and if the lighting condition is bad, not in my favor, I just schedule my session next day or next week. Most of the times I only shoot my family picture especially my son.

But, to those of you who make a living as a professional photographer, shooting for clients, events or wedding, you should equipped yourself with the in depth knowledge of flash photography. You should be in control, you simply can’t reschedule your photo shoot with client just because the lighting condition is not good, you should be able to counter that problem and among the simplest way to do that is by incorporating flash photography. The easiest way is using your hot shoe flash but you will not getting a professional that way, I’m not saying that those using hot shoe flash are not professional, they have a reason to do so especially for photojournalist where they are rushing to get the job done but there is better way of using flash than just putting your flash on the hot-shoe and that is off-camera flash.

In this latest eBook from Craft And Vision Piet Van Den Eynde, Belgian freelance photographer will show you how to use off-camera flash, unlike other off-camera flash which you need more than one unit of flash to get the job done, Piet will show you how to use just one unit flash system. As you can see from table of content there, you will be guide through from basic fundamental flash formula to basic Off-Camera Flash Gear. Whether you are using Nikon or Canon flash system, everything get covered.

Good photographer must not only understand how to control his camera gear but also how to control the light. “it’s not about the quantity of light, it’s about the quality of light.” Piet says. Whether you like using flash or not, this eBook will definitely help you just in case you have no other option but to use flash. It may look complicated but trust me, Piet Van Den Eynde will shed some light so that using off-camera flash is easy and enjoyable to use. This is 63 pages ebook and you can get it from Craft And Vision and hurry up before its get dark.


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