Portrait Photography | Playing With The Tone | Before and After

Athar | eBook | Before and After Editing

© 2011 Ahmad Athar Mohd Yusoff | Portrait Photography | Before ( Far Left ) and After Editing With The Tone

The photograph above belong to Ahmad Athar who have edited those picture with one of the technique that can be found on my Photoshop Tone eBook. When you do it right you will definitely get a beautiful nice tone depending on the subject matter. This one of very good example where applying the tone make a difference. Adding tones is definitely not a cup of coffee for everyone but it is good to know how to do it. Sometimes with right tone can add a little to the mood of the picture.

Some people have asked me, how many tones are there in my Photoshop Tone eBook , my simple answer is, it’s depending on how you use it, we can have one, two, three or as many tones as we want it to be depending on how we use it, since just a slightly change of Curves in Photoshop , you will get a different tones and the lighting also will have an effect on the tones it produce.

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