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© 2011 Wazari Wazir | The Essence of Childhood | My Son Playing With His favorite Toys

“If You Carry Your Childhood With You, You Never Become Older.”

( Tom Stoppard )

My son just woke up actually and as usual he will be looking for his toys and start playing around. He have nothing much to worry but just to play all day long. He is quite  lucky because we as a parent can afford to buy him a simple toy, unlike during my childhood days where we came from not so rich family, my father rarely bought me a new toys, in fact I can hardly remember if there is any. We used to play outdoors, running here and there and making our own toys, kite made from newspaper, weapon, I like to play something like a “war games” or maybe a “paintball” games like what they called it today but back in those days we make our own weapon,  our wooden Ak-47 made from a plank of woods and we use a rubber and a cherry as a weapon where we stick those rubber band on the “weapon” and stretch the rubber with cherry on it and there is “release” button there where once we released it, the cherry will flown away hit our target. Life was simple then, we don’t beg our parent to buy us toys because I know back then that our family can’t afford it.

It was very safe in those days to play and running around on the streets, there are few cars then, mostly bicycle and motorcycle so we have little worry to spend our times on the street, I mean a small street just nearby our house. Nowadays it is not very safe to play around, the street are quite busy especially during weekdays, so in order to let my son running here and there we will take him to the local park, children playground where he can running freely there. When we are not going anywhere my son just playing inside the house, just like what you saw it  here, playing with his little dinosaur and leopard which we bought from our National Zoo back then.

This photograph is quite colorful, but I decided to make it into black and white so that I can concentrate on his mood because I think those colors tend to be a distraction here. Looking back at this picture I really wish my family have a camera back then, so that I have something to remember how I was playing back then but I can’t turn the clock and I can’t get back to the past so I will do what I can do at this moment which to preserved my son childhood as best as possible in photographs.


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