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Usually I don’t do this kind of editing, montage or super imposed photography, I used to like it when I was starting up learning about Photoshop, I like to experiment with new things, it is learning process, I like to do cut and paste in photoshop, taking one picture and put it on top of another, make full used of layers in the Photoshop but after awhile, I get bored and that’s why I just do single editing, I mean, I don’t do super imposed anymore, I just do an enhancement for one single photographed and not making multiple photograph in a single art work like the picture above.

After a long post before this about “How to Choose a DSLR Camera”, I just want to make a quick post here. It is good to learn new skills even though you don’t used that skills most of the time but you know how to do it and when the times or the need arise you know how to do it, and know how to do it well. Photoshop is a powerful software but just like a camera, it is just a tools or in this case a software. The tools or software still needs you to use it, still needs your ideas, creativity and your vision in order to make something out of it. They can’t produce something on it’s own.

My point here is, keeps on improving your skills, keeps on improving your knowledge buy new books, attend workshops, spent more time harnessing your skills with what you already have instead of whining with something that you don’t have or can’t afford to have. Technology keeps on changing, new software keeps coming in, new camera keeps coming up but without a new set of skills or knowledge, our work or output will always be the same, new technology does makes our jobs easier, maybe a little bit faster but that’s it, the creativity still comes from within.

The software or the the camera is just an extension of ourselves to materialize our vision, to make things happen, so our vision can be seen but it is good to always have new vision, new perspective and new ideas, become more creative with what we already have instead of busy wasting time thinking of upgrading new set of equipment but forget to upgrade our skills. Why don’t we keeps ourselves busy thinking about new ideas? Thinking about how we can make full use of what we already have? Always try to push the boundary, do not wasting too much times comparing our work with other people, be unique, be yourself. In the end why do we wanted to be somebody when we can be ourselves. Have the Courage to be Ourselves.


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