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© 2008 | Wazari Wazir | The Art of Texture

It looks bad isn’t it? I know what you thinking. This is among my earlier texture artwork, done in 2008 when I still crawling, don’t know where to start, I’ve follow some tutorial on the internet but could not understand it better, I don’t know how to blend the texture and the picture, so it will look good but back then I think this is good, I smile looking at my achievement making this artwork back then but now, I hate it but the same time I like it because I can see the progress, I can see the difference.

I like to learn something new, to keep me afresh, always have something to learn, eager to learn something, curious to know about something. Now my TEXTURE artwork is a little bit subtle, a little bit soft, no longer you will see my artwork like this, grunge, edgy and rough. Actually I start experimenting with texture since 2007 but it was not that great, I thought it were but when I compare my earlier artwork with what I’ve done now, it was totally different, now I know how to combine or blend more than one textures to a photograph, I know how to play with Mask and I know how to use Smart Object to make my job easier at texturing.

Everyone must start somewhere, don’t feel ashamed to make a mistake, everybody make a mistake in our life, nobody will ever be perfect  in this world. Keep on learning something new and don’t be upset when you didn’t get what you want or didn’t achieve what you trying to do.  Keep on learning. I learn Photoshop from scratch, I learn texture from scratch, I learn photography from scratch also, I mean I didn’t have any formal education background in Photography and Photoshop.

My university is the internet and bookstore where I get all the information I need. I was a “shy guy”, I rarely ask someone how they do that or how they did this, when I like someone artwork, I try to figure it out myself how they did that. I try to look for an answer on the internet and along the way I learn a lot, more than what I wanted to know. Sometimes it is good to learn from many source, I believe that there is more than one way of getting things done, I think the best process is, getting things done without spending too much times on Photoshop, but using Actions Preset, or Plugs-in is not in my dictionary.

I like to know what I was doing, rather than “play the button”. I’m not in a hurry since most of my artwork is personnel. There is no client called me in the middle of the night asking whether I’ve finished my work, I can take all the time I needs to do my artwork but if I can finished it faster, would be better, I can spent more time shooting instead of processing. I’ve come a long way and I know I still have a long way to go, I don’t have any particular destination but I will continue my journey in the pursuit of knowledge. I will never stop learning.

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