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One of the reason why I didn’t cut my son hair is because I want to “play” with it, some people think that my son is a girl, maybe because it was unusual for a small child like my son age to have a long hair, but it is not that “much” actually. I like it best when shooting into the light, a backlighting work best where I can hide the source of light at the back of my son and it will create a nice rim light along the edge of my son hair.

This is not really a backlighting but side lighting because the light is coming from the side of my son not directly behind him but because the weather was a bit cloudy, the light diffuse beautifully and produce a beautiful soft light. I don’t like using flash, most of my pictures here on my blog, especially my son picture is shot with natural light. I don’t want to make my photography complicated, maybe some other people like to be sophisticated, using multiple flash or strobes with different output from each of the flash.

I want to captured a moment instead of busy playing around with sophisticated gadget which undoubtedly will produce better picture, well exposed subject but sometimes lack of emotional feelings, unless you have a model which is also happen to be great actor or actress where he or she can fake his or her emotion or maybe you are a great director or choreographer .


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