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© 2010 Wazari Wazir | Langkawi

“We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we’re curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths”.

( Walt Disney )

After spending my Eid-ulFitr with my family in Kuala Lumpur, we went to Langkawi Island for a short holiday. Just three of us, myself, my wife and my son HaiQal. Most of my friends and relative don’t know that we went to Langkawi, I know that we supposed to visit as many “open house” as possible but most of my friends “balik kampung” or went to visit their family away from Kuala Lumpur, where I live, since my mother was in Kuala Lumpur, I’ve  nowhere to go, so we decided to make a short holiday to Langkawi Island.

Actually the trip is more for my son than for me and my wife even though this is the first time my wife and my son in Langkawi. I’ve been here for a few times already and for me Langkawi is a great place to unwind, to be free. We stay at Federal Villa Langkawi at Pantai Tengah, actually we try to book a chalet around Pantai Cenang but most of the resort or chalet is full, it is our mistake for not booking early, so after much trying, we end up here at Federal Villa at Pantai Tengah, actually staying at Pantai Cenang is a lot more happening since most of the shops and restaurant are located at Pantai Cenang but Pantai Tengah is very close nearby, its only a little bit quiet and less busy than Pantai Cenang beach.

We live in Kuala Lumpur, a concrete jungle, so I think it is good exposure for our son to be exposed to new surroundings, let him explore new environment, let him enjoy a new scenery, enjoy a little bit of nature. Let him to be more curious about life. I took that picture above close by the sea, so you can see my son hair get blown by the wind. He was pointing his finger towards a rows of boats park nearby. Actually he keeps walking towards the boat, I tell him that the boat was not a toy, it was too big to play around.

My son was quite afraid to play with the wave, he will cry whenever my wife take him walking at the edge of the wave across the beach, maybe he was not very familiar with the beach, back then in Kuala Lumpur, all he know is playing with the puddle of water around my house after the rain. Maybe he was afraid with the “moving water” since puddle doesn’t move, maybe he was afraid the water might take him somewhere, but anywhere I like to see my son enjoy its new surroundings.

Before this my son like to watch Madagascar cartoon where one of the scene took place at the sea and I think it is good exposure for him to be able to see the real sea in front of his eyes. To really hear the sound of wave instead of just watching it on the television. Like everything else in life, what we see on the television is not the same as what we see it in real life. We can interact directly in real life whereby if we just watch something at the television, it is just one way of communication or interaction.

We did took him to Underwater World Langkawi where finally he can get to see the real penguins with his naked eyes, in fact we spent most of our times looking at the penguins more than the fish, I can see my son enjoy looking at the penguins, I don’t have to tell my son that it is a penguins because my son already knew it since penguin is a cute little character in the Madagascar. Among my son favorite character in the movie is Skipper the penguin and we end up buying a little soft toy of penguin as a souvenir for my son and he keeps on taking that penguin wherever he go.


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