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Being Happy With Nature

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I have posted this picture before in colors, just to make a comparison between tone picture and original picture, you can view the post HERE but I like this picture in black and white the most, sometimes the colors tend to be a bit of a distraction, I want people to concentrate on the mood of my son here and I think by stripping away the colors this picture have more impact, have more feel and mood into it.

If you look carefully, the shawl that wrapped around my son head did play an important role here, it is not just for something extra or “props” but I need the shawl in my son head in order for my son head to be separated from the dark background, can you imagine my son head without the shawl? For sure my son black hair will be blend together with the dark background and make this picture less attractive. Here the shawl frame my son face nicely and make it stand out from a dark background.

I promised myself that I will make an eBook about Black and White later on when I have enough time to concentrate my work but in the meantime, I suggest you to take a look at Craft and Vision website because they have a lot of eBook at a reasonable price, you can get an eBook about Black and White, about Vision and be inspired by the eBook. It is a small investment to pay fro a great insight and knowledge written by great photographers like David duChemin, Andrew S. Gibson and many others.

We may have great camera in our hand but if we lack the knowledge about how to handle the equipment well, we will never make full use of our equipment or never utilize its full capability. We should spent more on upgrading our knowledge instead of upgrading our equipment, camera is just a tool and if we have the knowledge about how to use the tool to our advantage, you would be surprise at what your current tool or camera can do.

Upgrading our knowledge us not expensive as upgrading our equipment, but the knowledge that we have will surely make a big different in our picture and maybe your friends will think that you have just upgrade or buy a new camera but in fact you just upgrade your knowledge. Maybe you can start upgrading your knowledge one step at a time, fell free to visit Craft And Vision website to upgrade your knowledge, skills and at the same time get some inspiration.


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