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Taj Mahal

© 2010 Wazari Wazir | Taj Mahal | Rare View of Taj Mahal and its Surroundings

This is Taj Ganj area, where most backpackers stay because within a walking distance you can easily get to the Taj Mahal. I took this picture using UWA Ultra Wide Angle Lens 10-20mm from the roof top of Sai Palace Hotel where we stay. Taj Mahal may look a distance away from this picture but the truth is, it’s just less than five minute walking distance from our hotel to the South Gate of Taj Mahal to the left side of this picture where you can see the buffalos  down there.

There are many budget hotels here, so if you choose to stay at Taj Ganj area if you are in Agra, need not to worry about accommodation, there is plenty to choose from. Internet Cafe also are not very hard to get, in fact, there is an Internet Cafe to the right corner of our hotel where the buffaloes is heading. The line is not super fast but it ill do the job if you just want to upload few pictures to your blog or Facebook or just wanted to Skype with your loves one at home, it will do the job just nicely.

To the left corner of this picture where you can see blue colored “wall” is actually a row of shops where you can get some basic stuff, like snack foods, a bottle of mineral water and few others things that usually can be found on small shops. It was very convenient to stay here and if you are Muslim, there is few mosque here down the road, actually you can hear the call of prayer when the time has  come.

I highly recommended to all my friends who plan to travel here in Agra to stay in Taj Ganj area if you choose to travel as a backpackers but if you choose to travel as a tourist, you might want to check few good looking hotel at the center of Agra. Personally traveling as a backpackers is the only way to go if you  like to spend some time talking to people on the street, get to know your Auto Rickshaw driver and and also not to forget to mix around with fellow backpackers that stay at the same hotel as you, exchanging experience among travelers really can enrich your life. You might also get few tips and trick and maybe they can suggest you a place to go that can’t be found on your trusted Lonely Planet Travel books.

Have fun traveling, mix with local, show that you are genuinely interested with their culture, get to know them before you even think about pressing the shutter to take some pictures, believe me once they know you and are comfortable around you, you will get a beautiful pictures and definitely your picture will be much more better than a picture that was taken by a tourist because normally tourist just want  a “postcard” picture, a beautiful picture that they see in the travel brochure, I don’t think tourist like to see this kind of a picture printed in the travel brochure, but as a traveler, this is what we want. The Real India.


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