Travel Photography | Taj Mahal | Within The Frame

Taj Mahal | Within The Frame

© 2010 Wazari Wazir| Taj Mahal | Within The Frame

Taj Mahal has been photograph million times and I guess each possible angle has been taken already including framing like this one, I’ve always imagine this kind of frame back home in Kuala Lumpur before I went to India. I purposely wait for that person to enter the frame just to have a centre of attraction to make it more interesting, without the presence of a human, I think this picture will look a bit boring, I know that some people hate to have people in their picture, they try to eliminate them or wait until the frame is clear from unwanted people presence.

This shot would not be possible without the aid of (UWA) Ultra Wide Angle Lens, I use 10-20mm lens to get this shot, normal lens will not going to handle this situation well, from where I were standing to get this shot, I could not going back any further because the place that I’m in is not that big, if I step back further, I will include another element that I don’t want, so having UWA lens really a great help.

Metering also a bit tricky here because the difference between Taj Mahal and the dark area where I was taking this picture is quite big, I have to use Spot Metering to get it right, I still need the “frame” to be properly exposed, I don’t want total black framing, that will not be too interesting, I wanted to show the beauty of the decoration there. The flowery pattern make an interesting framing against gigantic Taj Mahal and the reason why I turn it into black and white is that, we have seen a lot of Taj Mahal in colors, so I choose to present it in black and white.


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