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Colors play an important role in photography, other than black and white photograph, but too much colors is no good either, it will then become a distraction rather than attraction. I choose my son clothes carefully during photo shoot, usually, I will bring few more clothes whenever I’m going out with my family, sometimes certain clothes work well in some environment, while others won’t.

I plan to shoot here at Botanical Garden Putrajaya in advance, and I know that “Garden” area usually  filled with green environment,  so I have to bring a clothes that will make it stand out from the green. Yellow or red or anything brighter will surely stand out from the green environment, if I were to choose dark color for my son outfit, like black for an example, this picture will not look great. It will blend with the environment and the subject, which in this case is my son, will not be stand out from the crowd or green area.

Whenever you plan for a photo shoot with your family, please keep “colors” in mind. Know exactly where you are going, I mean where you are going to spend your time with your family, imagine the environment and choose the clothing colors that are contrast with the environment, so your subject will stand out from the crowd. It is very simple recipe that usually will work. Another thing is keep your background simple or if possible just blur the background using wide aperture like f1.8 or f2 and if you are shooting kids,  use fast shutter speed to freeze the action, if possible 1/200 and above if you are using 50mm lens. Depending on the location, sometimes you need to show where you are taking the photograph, a landmark for an example, but no matter where you take the photographs, just keep in mind that you subject must be the main focus or center of the attraction, not the background.

This picture may look easy, you might think that my son hold the giant leaf for quite a long time, or maybe a minute long but the truth is, my son  keeps on moving that leaf upside down and from left to right, he never stood or stand still, so I need fast shutter speed to freeze the action and just to let you know, I never ask my son to hold that leaf for me, he found it on the bridge walkway while playing around, my job is just to follow him around with my camera and anticipate what will going to happen next and be always ready to press the shutter and freeze the moment forever.

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