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Istanbul | Turkey | Sunrise

© 2009 Wazari Wazir | Istanbul Turkey | Sunrise

This is truly a “Room With a View”, I took this shot from my hotel room in Hilton Istanbul during my last stay there before heading back to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in November 2009. The lighting here is not the same like in Malaysia, I can still felt the warmth of the morning sunrise at Istanbul, just less than a kilometer away from my room is Bosphorus Istanbul, during a quiet  time I can hear clearly the sound of the ship horn cruising along the famous Bosphorus.

I was in shock when I woke up from the sleep and can’t believe what I was looking at, previously I don’t get this kind of lighting from my hotel room, it was cold and gloomy and when I see this beautiful sunrise just outside my hotel room, I wait no further and immediately grab my camera and take as many shot as possible. I slept alone in the hotel room, so I’ve to depend entirely from my alarm clock to wake me up. My camera is always on Ready Mode because at night I’ve already download all the assignment pictures from my camera to the computer. So I’ve a fresh empty memory card to start the day.

I took this shot with Nikon D200 at ISO 100, F9 at 1/500. The focal length is 70mm from my kit lens. Underexposed it a bit to get this silhouette shot that I want. I like the pattern of the Maple tree and in fact I’ve taken some of the leaves home for a souvenir. Sometimes we don’t have to go outside to take a great sunrise picture, sometimes they just happen in front of our eyes just outside our room and in this case my hotel room. Personally for me, a sunrise or a sunset picture is a must have shot whenever I was traveling away from my country. Luckily in Istanbul I don’t have to work so hard to get one. I was so lucky to have a Room with a View.

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