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Just a quick post today, I took this shot with Sigma Lens 10-20mm F4-5.6 EX DC Lens. I’m not using a full frame camera so I need to get this UWA or Ultra Wide Angle Lens for this type of shot. I need to get everything in the frame to show how magnificent the architecture is and how grand this area is, in fact before I start this journey to India I’ve done few “homework’s” by watching all the pictures about Taj Mahal and it’s surrounding that I can find on the internet and study what focal length is mostly used by the photographers who have been here and most of them are using UWA lens.

If I have full frame camera or FX camera for Nikon, I don’t need this UWA lens, 17-35mm F2.8 lens with FX body is wide enough to get this shot but I’m using D200 with 1.5 crop factor. I still remember when I was standing in the middle of  Aya Sofya in Istanbul last year that I was hoping that I have Ultra Wide Angle lens with me but I don’t have at that time, the Dome of Aya Sofya is so huge and using my 18-70mm Kit Lens won’t do justice to show its grandeur.

What I’m trying to say is, if you plan to travel anywhere just make sure you have (UWA) Ultra Wide Angle Lens with you, if you don’t have full frame camera. Believe me your travel pictures won’t be complete without capturing the majestic or historical place in its grandeur with UWA lens. Just keep in mind to fill up your frame when using UWA lens, because of it nature, most of your subject will look small and the only way to make your picture interesting is to fill up the frame like what I’ve done here. I purposely wait for those two people walking to enter the  frame to create a sense of scale about this place which is located right next to Taj Mahal in Agra India.

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KNizam - bila tengok gambar yang anda ambil, terus rasa nak beli dslr. betul masa travel x sempat nak capture banyak details. just snap sana snap sini je.

admin - @KNizam, terima kasih, sebenarnya kalau untuk travel, compact kamera ada banyak kegunaannya, untuk catatan bergambar Blog Perjalalan, kamera kompak adalah terbaik kerana mudah digunakan, terutamanya untuk rakam benda-benda detail sepanjang perjalanan, sign board, kedai makan, kedai souvenir dan nama jalan, kebiasaanya gambar seperti itu hanya untuk record tapi untuk gambar yang kita nak print cantik2 atau mungkin koleksi peribadi DSLR is the best. Kamera kompak pun ada yang cukup baik dari segi kualitinya tapi yang bagus kualitinya dah sama macam harga enrty level DSLR.

zam - tq…hope 1 day boleh ikut bro wazari g travell..:)

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