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Agra | Taj Mahal

© 2010 Wazari Wazir | Taj Mahal | Taj Ganj | Agra India

This is not the best angle to get Taj Mahal picture if you hoping to get that postcard kind of look. This is rare view of Taj Mahal, usually people don’t post thins kind of picture because it doesn’t look beautiful and maybe some people are afraid that everyone who seen this kind of picture will make an assumption  that the photographer doesn’t know how to pick the best possible angle.

I dare to be different here, the purpose for this picture from this angle is to show to everyone who have never been to Taj Mahal before to know what does it looks like outside the Taj Mahal. Personally I’ve never imagine that Taj Mahal area were surrounded with this kind of a building. I thought the area was “beautiful”, modern and clean like modern city but as you can see it is far from what I’ve imagine before coming here.

I took this picture from the rooftop of Shahjahan’s Hotel in Taj Ganj area. I did not stay here but I just wandering around to kill some time before continue our journey to New Delhi in the evening. Taj Mahal look quite far away from this picture but it was not, I use Ultra Wide Angle UWA lens here, 10-20mm, that what makes the Taj Mahal look a distance away when in fact you can get to the Taj Mahal South Gate area within less than five minute walking.

If you choose to travel as a backpackers, Taj Ganj is a perfect place to stay, just a walking distance to Taj Mahal, Seven Wonders of The World. There are many Internet Cafe here, you can book your train ticket to other destination from the Internet cafe as well and just less than half an hour to the nearest train station, Agra Cantonment  or Agra Fort Railway Station. Just to let you know that Agra have six train stations but usually travellers will use Agra Fort or Agra Cantonment Railway station. From Jaipur we arrive at Agra Fort and our journey back to New Delhi will depart from Agra Cantonment Railway Station.

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