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© 2010 Wazari Wazir | HaiQal My Son | Moroccan Pavilion Putrajaya

Just to tell you the truth, I didn’t take this picture in Casablanca Morocco, in fact it was here in Putrajaya Malaysia, I know some of you, especially Malaysian who have come and visit Putrajaya many times will think that I’m joking, “where the hell is this place”? You might ask, it is in Putrajaya but because of it’s hidden location, you can’t see it from the main road, there were no  “Moroccan Pavillion” signboard  from the main road. No wonder why some people called it Putrajaya Best Kept Secret.

So, where is this place actually? It was located in Taman Botani or Putrajaya Botanical Park. From the main road in Putrajaya, just follow the sign board that will lead you to “Taman Botani” which is, if you come from Prime Minister Department, it will be on the left side of the main road on your way to exit to Kuala Lumpur, while on the right side of the road above the hill is Istana Melewati, second National Palace of  Malaysia Yang-diPertuan Agong (King of Malaysia) in Putrajaya after the Istana Negara in Kuala Lumpur.

Even after you enter the Botanical Garden area, you won’t be able to see this place immediately because it was hidden by the trees and further more, the location is not exactly inside the Botanical Garden but it was another building on their own and they call it “Moroccan Pavilion”. If you are still confuse, just go strait to the Botanical Garden main entrance where there is ticket  and information counter there and just ask them  where is “Moroccan Pavilion” is and they will show you. You have to exit the Botanical Garden main office where you bought the ticket, walk down the hill a bit to your right towards the parking area and from there, look for small entrance to the other side of the road, there is a security guard there and you can ask them if you are still can’t find your way.

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