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Poor Little Boy :-)

© 2010 Wazari Wazir | Portrait | My Son Crying

Please, please don’t call the Police if I told you why my son is crying okey. Actually my son was busy playing with a puddle of water just outside my house, it was so difficult to get his picture, jumping and running around the puddle, it was rain before so the weather was a bit dark and I can’t use fast shutter speed to freeze my son activity, I know I can push up the ISO a bit but I hate grain, I will add the grain in Photoshop if I want to but I hate taking picture of My son when I have to push the ISO beyond 400. I don’t have Nikon D3 or Canon 5D MKII ok, not “yet”…

So what do I do, I grab my son while he was busy playing around the puddle and put him against the wooden door, just like what I used to do, if you are familiar with any of my pictures, definitely you will notice the wooden door behind or just a plank of woods. Why my son is crying? I grab him more than ten times and put him there until he start crying. I know he wants to play and I just want to get a picture. Child photography is a very tough job, I wish I know how to make a business with it but I’m happy just taking picture of my son.

This is what normally happen when I try to photograph my son, most of the times you see a picture of him smile happily or just stare at the camera with all kind of mood or expression, the truth is, it is not easy as what you might think. taking picture of a toddler like my son is never easy, those who have a child will understand it better and I know my son better, he will cry for a minute and smile again when he is free. Don’t worry guys, I love my son and will never do anything that will harm him.

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