Travel Photography | Rajasthan | Jaipur | The Pink City

© 2010 Wazari Wazir | Rajasthan | Jaipur | The Pink City

© 2010 Wazari Wazir | Rajasthan | Jaipur | The Pink City

© 2010 Wazari Wazir | Rajasthan | Jaipur | The Pink City

I wish I could write like an experience travel writer, explain my journey in details, but the fact is, I’m just a photographer which much more familiar playing with shadows and lighting instead with words, I wish I could tell you how beautiful it is our six hours train journey from Jodhpur to Jaipur, we spent most of our times inside the train taking pictures along the way. Since our train depart from Jodhpur Train Station at 9:30Am, so we have plenty of daylight for our photography purpose.

All of us are photographers and we are not normal tourist actually, so everything fascinate us along the way, we can see shepherd along the way, there was a times that we feels like we are watching a National Geographic live in front of our eyes, the environment along the way is dry, sometimes it looks like a desert and most of the times it was barren soil along the way. Maybe to Indian native inside the train, the view is nothing much to pay attention to but to all of us, this is something new, we don’t want to miss a thing, I did not sleep during the six hours journey but busy capturing what life has to offer along the way, this is the only way we can share our journey with our friends back home in Malaysia.

We reached Jaipur Railway Station around 3:45PM Sunday afternoon on the 13th June, the temperature still hot here , I mean really-really hot, we have decided during our long journey inside the train, where we wanted to stay for the night and as usual we choose a hotel that was close to the railway station. We choose Swagatam Hotel that was manage by (RTDC) or Rajasthan Tourism Development Corporation  to stay for the night. The hotel was located just outside the railway station, about five minute walk to the left of the railway station from the main entrance.

After putting our things at the hotel room, we have our meal at the restaurant at the the hotel before decided our next move. After few discussion among ourselves we decided to join RTDC Pink City Night Tour which start at 6:30P.M from Jaipur Railway Station. The tour cost us Rs200 (Apprx RM15) per person includes dinner at Nahargarh Fort. We book our Night Tour at the hotel itself, Swagatam Hotel where we stay.

Th Night was great with few quick stops at some of beautiful sight around Jaipur but as a photographer there was nothing much we can shoot when the sun finally settle down, so we just enjoy the scene. They just provided us with small jeep to take us around and apart from our group is a couple from India itself that came from Kerala, I think they were just get married, and a young lady from Canada name Amber, actually she has been working here in India for few month already.

The tour last almost four hours including dinner at beautiful Nahargarh Fort which is located hight overlook the city from a sheer ridge to the north. The view of the city of Jaipur at night from the fort is amazing and not to forget, our dinner is also mouth watering. We really enjoy the food here, but let me tell you before I forget, the road leading us to the fort is an adventure in itself. I thought we were on a one way ticket journey. Luckily we survive to tell you this story.


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