Travel Photography | Jodhpur | Sadar Market | Clock Tower

© 2010 Wazari Wazir | Jodhpur | Sadar Market | Clock Tower

© 2010 Wazari Wazir | Jodhpur | Sadar Market | Clock Tower

To get here from our hotel, Govind hotel which is located just the opposite of the main post office we have to pay Indian Rupee Rs60 per Auto Rickshaw, actually this Clock Tower at Sardar Market is not that far, less than fifteen minute by Auto Rickshaw. We have very little time here because we have a train to catch, this is our second day in Jodhpur, don’t have much time to explore other area, so we decided to stop by here at Sardar market before heading to the train station to catch our train that will depart at 9:30AM to Jaipur.

As you can see from the clock there, it was still early in the morning, in the picture below, the clock show that it was 7:15AM in the morning, this market still empty, I don’t know whether they are on holiday or have yet to open their stall but there is little activity here when we arrive, people are looking at us in curiosity, maybe this place is not very popular among tourist or traveler, but personally I like this area, from here we can see  Mehrangarh Fort clearly on the hill, but you can’t see it from my picture above.

We have less than one hour here, so it was just a quick stop, taking picture here and there, and we have to move back to our hotel, take our backpacks and head over to the Jodhpur Train Station, which is just five minute walk away from our hotel to catch our train to Jaipur.

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