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Crying Out Loud

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What’s happening here? Did my son hurt? Did my son injured or did I do something bad to my son? The answer to all those question is NO. I did not make my son cry just to get this photograph and if you are familiar with my picture, I’ve taken a lot of a picture of my son crying, it’s been more than two years already.

Crying is one of many ways for a small child to get our attention, my son doesn’t know how to speak well just yet, so this is a signal to get my attention, a signal not to let me interfere with his “play time”, a signal not to take a way his toys and maybe a signal that he doesn’t like to be photographed. Crying is part of growing up and I like to photographed it, I don’t have a picture of myself when I was I was crying, I wish I have and I think not many of us have that picture too, maybe we have but not too many, all we usually have is a picture of a smiling kids, a picture of happiness, a picture of cuteness. I think we are missing something here.

Taking picture of a child is not all about cute looking face, it is not about to photograph them at their best but to photograph them growing up. Crying is part of growing up and small child like two years old my son  does cry a lot, mostly because he want my attention, he want his toy, he wants to spent more time playing even though it’s getting late, he want to watch his favorite cartoon when I want to watch the news, my son will cry and make some noise and if I want some peace, I have to obey with my Little Boss but first I will take a few shot of him crying, bad father isn’t it.

Another reason why I like to photograph when my son is crying is simply because my son stood still, usually he doesn’t run when he is crying and that make my job easier to photograph him, I know I don’t get a smiling face but the most important thing for me is to get his photograph whether he is smiling or not. Like every child, my son like to run a lot, hardly stand still, playing around with his friends around my house and lately he doesn’t like to be photographed, he gets so used being photographed since he was born and maybe he get bored, who can blame him but I will never stop taking picture of my son, after all he is my favorite model.

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