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© 2009 Wazari Wazir | Istanbul Turkey

If you were to ask me any good advice that I can give to my fellow photographers especially to those of you who just starting out with this hobby is this, just “be yourself”. I do believe that each of us are unique on their own. I believe everyone is different but sometime we try to be  somebody else, we try to clone somebody else especially those who have succeed, especially those who are popular, those who have large followers but sometimes we are not being true to ourselves, we are not being honest with ourselves.

There is nothing wrong if we adore certain people, there is nothing wrong if we want to be successful like the people  we idolize, but don’t be their clone, I mean we can follow their path to glory, we can follow their path to become popular, but we must not follow it blindly, sometimes deep in our heart we want to follow a different path but we feel unsure, we feel afraid that we might end up somewhere without guidance, we are afraid to create our own path even though we know deep down  inside  we want to have our own way but we are afraid because that path never been taken and we don’t know where it will end but for me we must know our destination, stay focus even though we choose a different path.

*To be be continue…

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