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Flickr Front Page Explore, well what is so great about being featured there you may ask? Well, it depend, you don’t get paid if your pictured published there. It doesn’t mean that our picture is the best from the rest either, but it does feels good when our picture was on  front page, everybody want to get notice, don’t you think so.

This is not the first time my picture were published on the front page, quite few times actually (Flickr Front Page Explore Keeps On Changing Every Minutes). Personally I look it from a positive perspective, if my picture get there, that’s mean publicity, a lot of people might want to check my flickr stream, maybe they want to view other pictures from me, free publicity, maybe in return I get new contact, new friends and maybe I’ve a new followers who might like my picture or my style and if you are doing some kind of photography business, it’s good for your business, the exposure is good for you, who knows you might get a new client.

If you are familiar with the picture on Flickr Explore stream, you might notice that, most of them are simple picture, simplicity is the key here. For me with the publicity, I can promote my flickr and my blog and I can also promote my Photography Workshops or My Photoshop Tone eBook . What I’m trying to say is, being on the front page does help me a lot in getting traffic to my flickr and to my Blog.

Another thing is, it motivate me to always produce and share only the great work, I want to keep my followers satisfied each and every time they visit my stream, I don’t want them to get bored but the truth is I never plan to get attention, I do it because I love doing it without any pressure.

If my picture can make people happy, I’m happy. By being on the front page, I get greater opportunity to share my picture with large audience and I would like to take this opportunity to all of you who support me, who comments and view my pictures, who faves my picture, all this things  make it possible to be featured there, a millions thanks to all of you.

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