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We only live once and we only look young once and we only look great or beautiful while we are still young. Yes we can still look great even when we are forty to seventy years old, but that is different story. What I’m trying to share here is that most people take for granted their looks, I mean why don’t we get a beautiful photograph of ourselves while we are still young, full of energy, I’m referring to local scenario, here in Malaysia especially because Senior Photography is not a big business here compared to other developed country.

To the Westerner especially European or American, Senior photography is a big business, there is a huge market for this kind of photography, every young people wants to keep a great looking, professionally taken photographs of themselves while they are still young. Here in Malaysia, this kind of business is not yet fully utilize or untapped business. Most young people here just took a picture for fun among themselves. Using camera phone or just using a compact camera or maybe using DSLR but rarely do they hire a professional to photograph them.

Nothing wrong with that but why not hire a professional, so you get a great picture of yourself while you are still young that you can share it later with your grand children if you live long enough to share it. Wouldn’t it be great to have something that we are proud off. Most people just thinking about hiring a professional photographer when it comes to their big day, pre wedding session and wedding. Personally I think we should also think about having a great portfolio of ourselves while we are still young, we only live once, you can find the money if you don’t have it but but you can’t turn back the time.

Don’t let your beautiful, good looking face fade without a trace, fade without any documentation, I don’t do Senior Photography Business but I just give an idea to my friends who might never think about it seriously. There is a huge market for this kind of business especially for College or University student. Just don’t let you speak  this kind of words in your heart when you re old, “Why haven’t I think about it”. It’s too late already, you only young once.

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