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Once Upon a Time in Borneo

© 2010 Rujiah Muhin (Wife) | Jetty Sawangan | Kuala Penyu | Sabah

“A photograph never grows old. You and I change, people change all through the months and years but a photograph always remains the same. How nice to look at a photograph of mother or father taken many years ago. You see them as you remember them. But as people live on, they change completely. That is why I think a photograph can be kind.”

– Albert Einstein –

Have  you ever wondered why there is not many picture of me and my son here on my Blog or on my Flickr site? You might think that I rarely take a picture with my son, the fact is, actually I do have a lot of picture with my son but not as much as a picture of my wife with my son but most of my picture with my son are just “average”.

Why “average”, it is because I was very fussy with my picture, you can ask my wife about it. Only great picture that was taken by  my wife will be uploaded here in my Blog or on my flickr site. I love this picture taken by my wife at Jetty Sawangan in Kuala Penyu Sabah, the editing was done by me off course.

I’m very particular about my picture that I want to post here on my Blog or Flickr. If you saw it here, that’s mean I like the picture, I like the moment and there is a story to tell. Most of my picture with my son just reside on my hard disk, never seen the light or I just printed it without any editing. The truth is I have many picture with my son but most of them are just a snap shot and actually it wasn’t easy to get the best picture with my son because he doesn’t want to be photograph when I’m holding him, he wants to be free.

This picture is different because my son was afraid to walk along the jetty, because there was a lot of “holes” there, it is not a “holes” actually but I guess you know what I mean, I’ve to hold my son hand in order for him to walk, if I leave him alone there, he will just stand there and crying, afraid to walk, maybe he is afraid that he will fall into the sea.

I like my son expression here, I like the way my son walk here and the perspective really add something to the photograph, something to draw our eyes, did you know that I’ve to check few times on the LCD of the camera just to make sure that my wife “get it right”?

I think this is what photograph is all about, capturing a memory, a memory that we will cherished in our life, a picture that have a story to tell, a picture that can bring fond to our memories, especially a family picture. A picture of a sunrise or sunset doesn’t have strong connection with ourselves. A sunrise or sunset today will not be much different tomorrow or maybe next ten years but the picture of our family today won’t be the same tomorrow, the mood and the expression will be different.

There is nothing wrong taking a picture of a sunset or a sunrise, but it just different, will you shed tears when you look at the winning sunset picture that you took twenty years ago, but I do believe a picture like this, a family picture will definitely shed tears to us when we are looking at it maybe in the next twenty years if God Willing, InsyaAllah when our child goes to college, getting married or have their own life away from us.

This kind of a picture will be remembered. So take the time to have a great picture with your family while at the same time enjoy your hobby taking all kind of a pictures just don’t forget your family picture, I mean get a good one, get a great shot. If we can spent hours waiting for the perfect light to photograph a beautiful landscape, I think we can do the same by spending more time taking picture with our family.

Nowadays a lot of people doing business with photography, we spent a great deal of our times to make sure our subject or the person that we photographs commercially look great in front of our camera, after all, they are our client, they pay our “salary” but lets not forget our most important client is our family, they may not pay you with the cash but definitely they will bring joy and happiness in our life and that’s what really matters.

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