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“If it Makes You Laugh, If it Makes You Cry, If it Rips Out Your Heart, That’s a Good Picture”.
( Eddie Adams )

I think the best way to capture a great photograph is simply to capture it with your heart, a camera is just a tool and I like quote from Eddie Adams above, everything that he said is what make a good or great picture. A beautiful picture sometimes have no soul. A Moment like this is truly a family treasure for years to come. My son wanted to be free, while at the same time his friend Aidid just relax playing with his father iPhone. They have different character.

This is a planned shot but the moment is real, I mean truly candid moment, I did plan the location so I can get a beautiful backlighting and the background was chosen carefully so we can see the rim light there, if the background is the sky then the rim light will blend together with the sky, that’s why I choose the background carefully, the rest is about capturing the moment.

Photographing a backlighting subject is tricky, because most of the times it can fooled our camera metering system, usually in this kind of situation I will use Spot Meter for metering, I can choose other location where there is no backlighting but I did choose this location on purpose, it doesn’t mean that I don’t have a choice, I do have but I choose to shoot into the light. I think shooting into the light have more drama into it.

A photograph that have a moment into it will last a lot longer than a static photograph, it’s look like unfinished photographs, people wanted to know what happen next, what happen to my son, will my son run away, will my son stand still for a moment, will my son smiles in the next couple of shots, nobody knows and it leave to the imagination and that’s the beauty of taking picture that have a “moment”.

In my line of career, I’ve photographs many things but taking picture of my family is something that will always bring joy to myself and my family. It is something that is close to my heart, I hope you guys never bored visiting here on my blog, time and time again you will see my son or my family pictures here. Sometimes we are too busy taking picture of other peoples but let’s us not forget to take a very good picture of our family, after all our family deserved the best from the rest.

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