A Photograph | Once Upon a Time at Kiram’s Village

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© wazari Wazir | Kiram Village | Mesilau Kundasang

I wish I could  share all my pictures that was taken at Kiram’s Village Mesilau, it is really a beautiful place for a family outing or to spend their holiday. This is the best spot to get a backlighting shot at Kiram, there was a hill at the background that provide a great backdrop to show the rim light nicely. Without the hill, there will be an empty sky that will make the rim light disappear and blend together with the sky. That’s the tips for you when playing with backlighting.

How I wish I have a picture like this when I was a child, a picture of me having a  great times playing with my friends that I can cherish the whole life. I believe this kind of picture is timeless and hopefully in the future they will have a great story to tell when they both saw this picture and did you know that Aidid sitting on the left side of My Son have his own Facebook, he is just two years old and his father already create a Facebook account for him.

My Son HaiQal did not have a Facebook or any website of his own at this moment just yet but when he have it, he will have plenty of pictures to share with  the rest of the world. He can write his own story later. Thanks to Azman Jumat for taking my family here, just less than two hours drive from Kota Kinabalu to Mesilau. I wish I could spent more time here but we just stay for only one night because I’ve to fly back to Kuala Lumpur the very next day, in fact spending a holiday here at Kiram is not on my itinerary but I’ve to extend my ticket so I can be here and I’m glad that I did.

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