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© 2010 Wazari Wazir | Kiram Village | Kundasang

© 2010 Wazari Wazir | Kiram Village Kundasang

I really enjoy watching them together, HaiQal and Aidid really fun to photograph when they are together, Aidid father, Azman Jumat is best friend of mine in Sabah, in fact his father did photograph my wedding day in Sabah. I hope my son and Aidid will become a very good friend now and also in the future. It was a little bit late to photograph them here, I wish I could photograph them during a “Golden Light” but that was not possible because both of them woke a little bit late, the sun is already a bit hight in the sky but still I have plenty of my time playing with backlighting.

When taking a backlighting photography, it can be tricky, the metering can easily fools the camera, so in this case I use the Manual Mode and use Spot Meter for the metering and take the reading from their face. In this digital age you can’t be  wrong, just took the first shot and quickly adjust it after you see the output on your camera LCD.

It was never easy to photograph kids, they are very energetic, moving and running here and there and will never follow direction, they have their own mind, they want to be free, so let them free and just photograph them while they are having fun, that’s the beauty of kids photography, you can have a very nice candid moment and it work best if they have friends to play with.

About the editing, actually it is not easy when making a decision whether colors or monochrome will work best, usually to show happiness most people will present kids pictures in colors but for this one, to show the great time that they are having together work best in monochrome, by stripping away the colors, we can concentrate more on the “moment” there. Sometimes words fail to tell the story, so, just enjoy the picture and let the picture tells the story.

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