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© 2010 Wazari Wazir | Original RAW NEF File | Just Convert to JPG


© 2010 Wazari Wazir | After Edited With One of The Technique From The Secret of Photoshop Tone eBook

Some people like the original while I like a little bit of an enhancement. Just to let you know especially those who just knowing me and my photography, usually I will shoot RAW or NEF when taking picture of my son. I use JPG for my official assignment, why not RAW you may ask, simply because our Department will have a problem with RAW files in term of handling and storage, so JPG is better and efficient. Why I shoot RAW, because I like editing, I like to spend my time doing editing, I’ve so much free time actually.

About the picture above, I know the editing version is not a cup of coffee or tea for anyone, some of you may not like the “yellow” version like the edited one, some of you may like the original, you may like coffee and I may like tea, there is no point arguing about that. So to those of you who like the edited one and wanted to know how I do the editing then read on.

I use Curve to get the tone, I did not use channel mixer or play with hue and saturation, I did not play with selective color in photoshop but I use Curve, I use RGB curve to get this tone. If you have some basic color understanding, using curve is much fun than using hue and saturation or channel mixer. Under Curve menu in Photoshop, there is RGB, so adjust The RGB accordingly or separately. Usually people will just play with the RGB, all three together but let’s try to separate them and adjust it individually, adjust RED, GREEN and BLUE separately. Just Click the RGB Curve dialogue  box and choose the Channel individually.

That’s the tips of the iceberg, if you want to know more, get my eBook about Photoshop Color Tone, as simple as that or you can save your money by experimenting it yourself. I’ve already give you the tip…

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