Heavy Responsibility

© 2009 Wazari Wazir

© 2010 Wazari Wazir

As you can see my son is getting heavy.  It’s an anaerobic exercise to carry him around, well, maybe it’s good for my thigh and overall body but one thing for sure I will get very tired after a day carrying him around. Even though my son can walk but if we take him in the city, in the crowded area, in the shopping mall for an example, I will not let my son to walk, he like to run and if you are parent yourself, you will know that a child like my son age like to run a lot, like to play hide and seek and shopping mall is not a friendly place to play that game, instead we must play safe.

I did carry a camera whenever I took my son going out, sometimes I take a picture while some other time the camera just remain in the bag depending on the situation. Photo on the top was taken in the busy area of Jalan Masjid India Kuala Lumpur where there is row of textile shops there. It can make a beautiful background if you play the bokeh nicely. Actually it is not a good place to take a picture, it is not a beautiful place in the first place, it is crowded and not so clean environment but if you want to have a nice colorful bokeh, a crowded area with lot’s of colorful environment, it is a good place.

When I’m going out with my family, usually I will only take 50mm lens with me, it’s light and with that lens attach to my camera body I can easily put it in my bag, in fact any kind of bag and just to let you know I don’t like to carry a “camera bag” with me when I’m going out. I don’t want to look like as a working photographer on assignment, instead I will put my camera in normal small backpack.

Flash? No I don’t carry flash when I’m going out. I like to se natural light and for my kind of editing, I mean the tone, using natural light will give a best result. If you have a very sharp eye, the editing on my top picture and below picture is not the same. It’s  a little bit different, heavy editing was done for my top picture while minor editing for the below picture.

A crowded colorful background is great for colorful bokeh in photography while a simple background also work great to let viewers concentrate on your picture where it matters. It can be tricky when shooting against a white cloudless sky like the picture below. Most of the times you will underexpose your subject. The best thing when dealing with this kind of situation is to use “Spot Meter” in your camera. Take the reading from the face of the person you want photograph. The background will be blown out, that’s ok, the plain white background is not important as your subject and the good thing when playing with the tone is that you can filled the white area with yellow tint to get your picture a warmth kind of a feeling.

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