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Monthly Archives: February 2010

Photoshop Editing | Tone | Before & After

© 2010 Wazari Wazir | Original RAW NEF File | Just Convert to JPG © 2010 Wazari Wazir | After Edited With One of The Technique From The Secret of Photoshop Tone eBook Some people like the original while I like a little bit of an enhancement. Just to let you know especially those who […]

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Photoshop Texture Editing

Just wanted to share a quick post here. During Super Friends Penang Outing, I’ve shared few of my editing technique to those who are interested there, among other thing is how to blend texture when the background is BLACK. Just like the picture of  A. Samad Said our National Laureate above. Let’s get straight to […]

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Super Friends Penang Street Outing

Rumah Siap Pahat Berbunyi, itu pepatah yang biasa kita dengar. Pertama sekali saya ingin beritahu sebenarnya saya sendiri pun tak tahu yang saya dimasukkan dalam group “Super Friends” sehinggalah keluar Poster atau pun Ikon “Super Friends” di Facebook, tengok punya tengok nama saya ada di situ sebagai Batman, dorang semua pun takde inform saya pasal […]

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Photoshop Editing | Before and After

© 2010 Wazari Wazir | Original RAW NEF | Unedit | Just Convert To JPG © 2010 Wazari Wazir | After Editing With Photoshop Tone I’m not a businessman and because of that I don’t know about marketing, about promotion, about getting attention, maybe because I’m not a full time working on my own as […]

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