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I’m in the process of making my second Photoshop eBook, my eBook will show you how to play with Texture, my first eBook is about Photoshop Tone, how to get vintage or old school kind of effect, so this time I will share my texture technique, how do I apply texture from scratch. A lot of people can get texture for free but most of them have very little idea how to apply them and blend it well with the picture. I’ve been playing around with the texture for more than two years already and I’ve learn a lot from trial and error. In my eBook I’ll try my level best to explain how to get the best from the texture.

Few tips about playing with texture, usually my preferred blending option when playing with texture is “soft light”, meaning that I will put my texture above the picture that I want to add texture and then use “soft light” blending option in Photoshop to blend it together, if I think the texture was a bit too strong, I will lower the opacity of the texture and if I think that the color of the texture a bit saturated, I will reduce the saturation, that’s how I do my texture editing in Photoshop.

I know it will be quite difficult to understand what I’m talking here without any picture or screen shot to clear the confusion and that’s one of the reason why I’m taking an action to produce a Photoshop Texture eBook that will guide you through from start to finish and I will try my level best to explain it in a very simple way. My Photoshop Texture eBook is not for someone who just starting up using Photoshop, it is for intermediate or advance user of Photoshop since I will be using a lot of layers and also I will use “Smart Object” for my Texture eBook tutorial. Hopefully I can finish my Texture eBook as soon as possible.

redsya manic - menarik ape yg cube abg smpaikn disinie…n saye nmpak hasilnye bile sy try smpai membaca di sinie…

cube sy minat hendak tahu…klao gune texture…adekah lebey baik biakn gmbr dlm keadaan bnw or sepia ke abg berbanding colour asal?

sy bertanye sbb sy jrg gunekn bnw n sepia sbb sy feel bnw n sepia blew sy gunekn..hasilnye tidak menarik…
abg ade ape2 suggestion yg mungkin boley membantu saye x?

Wazari Wazir - @Redsya, bagi saya lebih baik kita gunakan Texture pada warna hitam putih, sepia ataupun kurangkan saturasi gmbar asal tersebut, tapi ada jugak Photographer yang suka gunakan texture pada gambar warna yang agak kontast, semua ni bergantung pada personal preference kita. It is subjektif sebenarnya…

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