Tips On Playing With Photoshop Tone

Istanbul | Turkey | Aya Sofya | Hagia Sofia

© 2009 Wazari Wazir | Aya Sofya | Istanbul Turkey

Istanbul | Turkey | Spice Bazaar

© 2009 Wazari Wazir | Spice Bazaar | Istanbul | Turkey

Everybody knows that Great Pictures is a Great pictures no matter you edit it or not, it can be great coming straight from the camera but sometimes especially to those creative people who want more from their picture, editing is just something extra than can be done to enhance a good picture becoming great. It’s all start with a great picture, for an example like the picture above,without the color tone, the picture still can stand on it’s own, it have it’s own story to tell, with or without the tone, most people knows about Aya Sofya and Spice Bazaar in Istanbul Turkey, if you are shooting for photojournalism purpose, I would not suggest you to over edit your picture, let the colors to be as natural as it was taken in the camera but for self expression, feels free to edit it with Photoshop.

To those of you who have purchase myPhotoshop eBook I would like to let you know that my Tone Technique in the eBook is versatile, meaning that you can use it on any subject, not only for portraiture. I shoot portrait a lot so maybe you think that the tone only suitable for portrait, no, it’s not, you can use it on many subject, just be creative with it, like for an example the picture above, I use the tone on landscape or architecture. Another thing is, it work so well with natural light, I rarely use the Tone with a picture that was taken with a flash but there is nothing to stop you if you want to try.

The tone really can add warmth feeling to the picture above, I took that shot in Istanbul on late afternoon, it is almost sunset. There is an unexplainable feelings when you look at the picture with the tone, an emotional and warmth feeling to it. The tone work great with lighting in the morning or afternoon, it will add more warm to your picture.  Feel free to explore, that’s a great way of learning. Know the rules and feel free to break the rules.

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